How To Prevent Hand Rips & Hand Tears In CrossFit

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CrossFit athletes will understand the pressure the hands go through as they move from barbell workouts to rig movements.

Of course, it is no easy task to have your hands hard-pressed against the metal bars for hours, as this can hurt your hands if you are not careful.

In addition to potentially straining the muscles in your hand, you also risk developing rips and tears if proper care is not implemented.

Countless times, those who engage in CrossFit will tell you lack of proper hand care only resulted in them getting blisters, tears, and deep rips.

As such, they have recommended all gym users to focus on caring for their hands before, during, and after every workout session.

But, to reduce or eliminate the chances of rips and tears, what are the best practices to implement? Here are a few tips you should consider:

Toughen up your Hands

For the most effective results when doing CrossFit, you have to make sure your hands are tough enough to handle the pressure of the bars.

Before you start on your CrossFit journey, you need to engage in activities that prepare your hands for the pressure it will go through. 

In toughening your hands, you might develop calluses in the process, but this is considered a good thing with limitations.

The calluses (when treated and cared for), gives your hand the potential of dealing with the roughness and grips that come with working out.

Build Up Calluses

This tactic may sound strange to many, but it is the best bet for those who do CrossFit and other hand pressure workouts.

Calluses provide a barrier for your hands when they come in contact with metal bars and other machines.

Calluses usually take the brunt of the pressure, especially for weightlifters. However, ensure the calluses do not become too thick as it can interfere with your gr and be quite uncomfortable.

Also, they shouldn't be shaved too thin as this can result in your hands becoming damaged over time.

Take Care of Your Calluses

Now that you are aware that calluses serve a good purpose when working out, it doesn't mean you should leave them untreated.

For best results in working out, you have to treat them. Treating calluses is simple, and only some time and dedication will give you the best results.

You can soak your hands in warm water as this will help to soothe and soften the hardened area and makes it easy for you to shave and trim them.

You can shave your calluses with a clean razor (without going too deep) then use a gentle scrub to remove the additional dead skin that remains.

Trim Down Calluses

After you have done the pre-treatment practice (soaking), you can use our callus shaver tool to shed the excess skin that is developed.

The tool is safe and efficient in getting the job done effectively as it eliminates the chances of having uneven calluses (compared to when you use a razor).

The tool gently scrubs the tough areas of the callus until it is at a level you desire for it to be. It is easy to use and can be carried wherever you go.

Use Emery Sandpaper Cloth to Smoothen Calluses

Rips are inevitable if you don't properly care for your calluses, and that is why we have introduced the emery cloth sandpaper.

After trimming your calluses with our callus shaver tool, you will use the emery cloth to smoothen the callus leaving your hands clean and nice.

Our tools are designed to give the exact results you are looking for.

The emery cloth removes the additional bumpy areas on the callus that may be left after you have trimmed them.

Keep your hands Cool

One of the best care tips for your hands is to keep them cool after you may have experienced a rip.

Of course, as expected, they will get hot when they tear, and the best way to cool them down is by adding cold water.

This process will reduce the tension experienced as well as the water will eliminate the chances of them developing an infection.

The cold water will cramp the torn the ligament and tissues in the callus (as your direct hands will be affected as well). Also, it is important to take note of your hands while working out. If you realize your hands are getting extremely hot like they are being pressured, stop working out and add them to some cold water as well. The stinging and hot feeling is a sign that your hands will rip.

What if I've already ripped my hands?

If your hands are already ripped after adding to the cold water, you can get them out and wash them properly to remove any hidden dirt.

After cleaning them, you should add some healing salve and wrap your hands to reduce the chances of them being susceptible to picking up bacteria.

You are recommended to stay clear of putting pressure on the hands after this happens.

Use Callus Performance Healing Salve

Our healing salve is made of all-natural and organic ingredients products, which are ideal for aiding in recovery and healing.

The salve contains ingredients such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, shea butter, and more therapeutic elements, which is essential and effective when it comes to soothing and repairing tears and blisters.

When you add the salve, you can wrap your hands and leave the moisturizer on to do its job.

Take a Doctor's Advice

This tip is one of the most important to consider when you recognize your hands are ripped or torn.

In most instances, doctors recommend specialized creams and or other elements, in addition, to seize working out.

After assessing the extent of your tears, they will know what the best approach is to healing, so for your best interest, follow strict instructions you are given.


Tear and rips are inevitable when you have calluses and do not care for them properly.

Your hands are used for so many things, and neglecting those, means you are putting other activities in your life on hold.

Take care of yourself and treat your hands, especially if you are a CrossFitter, as these tips are not usually stressed in the gym very often. Remember, your health is your responsibility.

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