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A Top Seller - Ultimate Callus Care Bundle

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The Ultimate Callus Care Package includes several products proven to keep your Calluses in check:

1x  Callus Score
1x  Healing Salve
2x  Callus Smoothing  Replacement Caps.


Callus Score:  A two-headed tool to handle your callus professionally. One tip, with  its stainless steel, patented blade cuts through the tough callus build-up,  and the bottom end smooths the rough edges, leaving you with a manageable and right-sized callus

Healing Salve: Made of all-natural and organic ingredients, the Salve helps speed up the healing process and keeps your hands moisturized.

Callus Smoothing Replacement Caps: replacement caps pop on and off easily to ensure your smoothing end always performs and saves you from buying a whole Callus Care unit.


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