Hand Care Pro Tips

Callus Performance® is your ideal Callus Remover Tool for both hands and feet and is the perfect solution for professional athletes, weightlifters, gymnasts, etc.. with dry, flaky, dead, coarse, tough, thick, cracked, rough, or debilitating skin. Our Callus Shaver Tool will not let you down. No need to charge or replace the blade, you can utilize our patented tool numerous times. It is the ideal solution for people or professionals suffering from ripped hands or feet and for athletes who want to prevent that.

You can obtain the smoother feet you have always desired. You simply have to eliminate your dry skin from both your hands and feet using Callus Performance callus trimmer and keep it moisturized. Callus Performance® hand care tool works in two easy ways: by trimming and by shaving the calluses; this will level the calluses with the rest of your hands by carefully removing excess skin.

Callus Performance® is designed with a built-in high-performing stainless steel blade on the top (avoiding bacteria and rust), which can easily help you to remove the thickcallus build up, lousy heel, and tough deep skin preventing your hands from ripping. And a file in the back to smoothen the surface of your hand, letting your hands & feet become smooth, strong and healthy again.
In just a few minutes, all calluses will be in great shape to work by our patented Callus Performance callus shaver/trimmer! Use the emery sandpaper cloth after trimming your calluses, and it will be like brand new the next time, saving much time and money for you.