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RingHero - Stop Rings from creating Calluses

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Don't let your rings create extra calluses or get in the way of your workout.

The perfect functional accessory to keep your rings safe while you workout.

Safely store your engagement ring, wedding rings, small jewelry and other accessories in our zippered wristband.

They even fit  Earbuds and Fitbit charge

Use the wrist ring holder in the gym, out for a run, boxing class, or during cardio 

Some call RingHero a bracelet, some call it a ring holder ~ either way let RingHero help you keep your things safe! 


  • Unstinkable - odor-controlling yarn
  • Wicking - pulls sweat away from the body
  • Breathable - sweat can travel through the fabric and evaporate
  • SPF 50+ (excellent protection from the sun)
  • Four-Way Stretch - slips on and feels incredibly soft
  • Responsibly made in North America


  • Machine wash in cold water and air dry to preserve the longevity of the fabric


Learn More about RingHero - The original wristband with secure pocket to store your rings or small valuables

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