At Callus Performance, we care about our customers, and that is why we’ve set up this FAQ page for you to get an answer to most of the frequently asked questions! This page explains many queries, and this page is for those who want to learn more about our company, products, offers, discounts, shipping details, billing details, and more.

In case you are searching for something or have a query regarding anything related to our company such products or shipping then you can contact us here.

General Product FAQ

1.What is Callus Performance, and how do I use it?

Callus Performance® is designed by athletes for athletes; we have assured its design will prevent the ripping of your hand by strengthening the callus area to be able to continue your regular workout routine. Callus Performance® works in two easy ways: by trimming and by shaving the calluses; this will level the calluses with the rest of your hands by carefully removing excess skin.

2. Is it easy to cut yourself with this?

No, if instructions are followed it is the safest tool to remove the calluses. You can use the blade for trimming and shaving the extra build up or as much as needed, then switch to the other side and use the Emery Cloth sandpaper to smoothen it.

3. Can this be used on your feet or only hands?

Yes, you can use it on your feet like the way you use it on your hands. Use the blade for trimming and shaving, then switch to the other side and use the Emery Cloth sandpaper tosmoothenthe area. A lot of runners use it for their feet.

4. Does this product weaken the skin?

No, this product will not weaken the skin, but it’ll help in keeping the callus from ripping and causing painful irritation and bleeding.

5. Will this work for a gymnast?

Absolutely, the product is designed by athletes for athletes and can be used before or after any activity, which requires continuous friction of the hands such as Gymnastics, Climbing and Weightlifting. The Callus Remover Blade is a patented technology that everyday cross-fitters and professionals like Amanda Barnhart and Bethany Shadburne use to stay on top of their game, so they don’t miss those critical performances.

6. Where is it made?

Made in USA

Orders, Shipping, and Delivery FAQ

1. How to Place an Order?

To place an order on our website you can follow the steps below:

Choose any product

You have the option of adding or deleting the number of items by using +- option

Click on BUY IT NOW!

Click on UPDATE CART if you want to add any other products.

Next Click on CHECKOUT option.

Add Discount Code if available.

Choose your payment option PayPal, Gpay or major credit card.

Fill out the billing details and click on Continue to Shipping.

Review your order and complete the checkout.

2. After placing an order, when it will be shipped?

All orders are shipped within 24-48 hrs except bulk orders, which can take a little more time to ship.

3. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. Are you outside of the United States / Canada territory and still need your Callus Performance blade! Not a problem! Check out the links below for international orders.

For Chile and South America CLICK HERE


4. I want to order Callus Performance products in bulk, how do I contact for wholesale pricing?

For wholesale and Bulk orders (Orders on 25 more), kindly submit your request here. Our team will contact you.

5. Can you help me place an order?

Yes. All you need to do is to contact us here.

6. Can I redirect my order to a different address after it has been shipped?

No, please make sure yourshipping address is correct before placing an   order.

7. Can I request a specific date or time slot for my delivery?

We are unable to take such requests at the moment.

8. Late or Missed Delivery?

Please contact us to research further at

9. Do I need to sign to receive the product?

No, you don’t.

Returns & Refunds FAQ?

What is the policy on refunds/exchanges?

Because each situation is unique we asked that you reach out to us for a resolution at

But we have a no refunds or exchanges policy for any orders outside of the United States.