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About Us:
Callus Performance started due to a need. They say necessity is the mother of invention, so from the painful and repeat occurrences of ripped bloody calluses due to my intense workouts, I invented Callus Performance. The humble little start up concept is now growing fast and many professional athletes, hardcore Crossfit enthusiasts, Gymnasts, anyone rough on their hands can see the value of healthy hands. I'm very proud to say that Callus Performance is sold globally, and all from a core concept and idea that met a painful need!

Thanks for the support and being here to read about how we started.

We're proud to say that nothing compares to Callus Performance for maintaining your hand health and ensuring you won't rip during your workout.

I invite you to try Callus Performance for optimal hand health in high friction sports and activity.


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Ian Gilligan, an avid crossfitter said;

I love this compact tool for preventing hand tears. It's quick and easy to use. They also offer great customer service: they promptly replaced a defective unit and followed up afterwards to ensure I was happy. I definitely recommend!

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Josh Bridges