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About Callus Performance®

Callus Performance started with my personal CrossFit training (possibly an addiction) that lead to clearly needed a solution to managed ripped, torn and bloody hands. Gloves didn't help with calluses, they also got stanky really fast; I was not into razor blades, so I put my mind to work and created the Callus Performance tool and eventual global brand.

Testing initial concepts on myself and refining the Callus Care protocol with many  professionals and athletes, I eventually put my money where my mouth is and Patented my invention. and found partners in the USA to build the Callus  Remover.

The success, growth and support by so many athletes, hardcore enthusiasts, Gymnasts and even rowers was satisfying inside and out.

Callus Performance is now sold worldwide and it's truly amazing to see repeat customers and the positive feedback and reviews.

We're proud to say that nothing compares to Callus Performance for maintaining your hands (you're feet too)  and we aim to give you "A GRIP THAT WON'T RIP " during your workouts, training and events.

Thousands of raving reviews

Here's just a small sample of some customer reviews.


It works!!! - Gingi S.

I have done Crossfit for a year now and my hands used to rip constantly. It really frustrated me and affected me getting better at certain movements. I've used callus performance for a few months now and I haven't had one rip. It's simple to use and it's effective! I highly recommend it!!!


Very Smart Product - Ian Gilligan

I love this compact tool for preventing hand tears. It's quick and easy to use. They also offer great customer service: they promptly replaced a defective unit and followed up afterwards to ensure I was happy. I definitely recommend!


The Hand and Grip Saver! - Joshua Beeker

This tool is a necessity for anyone that uses their hands every day working out, on the job, and everything in between. This product has saved my hands on pull-up bar intense Crossfit workouts like Murph and Fran. The callus grinder is simple, effective, and gets the job done every time.


Grip Saver! - Cam Ward

After seeing many people at our gym using this product, I had to give it a try. It’s very simple and the results are amazing. Considering I can’t get comfortable using hand grips, this product plays an important role in keeping my hands and grip strength ready to go. I also use my hands a lot at work and with customers so this helps a lot. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone.


Total Game changer - Carlos

The Callus Performance is as-advertised. I first became aware of it after seeing Jacob Heppner talk about it on his YouTube channel. It has been great for keeping my hands in optimal lifting shape and has really prevented my hands from getting shredded from barbell knurling. It keeps my calluses in tact and I haven't had any hands-related issues since using. 100% recommend this product to anyone who lifts weights on a regular basis.


A MUST HAVE - Kelley Mullen

Love this callus remover! So fast and easy to use, a must have for anyone who does Crossfit. I also love that there are replacement caps so I can change the emery cloth cap whenever I need to. Great Invention!


This is a MUST have hand care product! - Shelby Fields

I have struggled with ripping since day one of starting CrossFit a few years ago. This product has dramatically helped me maintain my hands to not rip so I can stick with my programming without modification due to rips. Also, we all know a rip hurts SO bad, not having the daily pain from a rip is also a huge plus; outside of training benefit.


Fantastic - best way to file/shave a callus down - Tom N

This is the best product I have come across yet for my "Callus management" I have been very happy, and wish I would have had this last winter. I have one in my gym bag, one at my desk, one in the bath room and they are very easy to carry or have with me.



Who needs a manicure when callus performance helps with maintaining your hands stay soft and minimizing the callus build up. And throw in the The salve!!!! Hands are soft! And heals the skin after using the callus performance blade!

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