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International Resellers

All Callus Performance products are internationally available directly on our website; however, shipping costs can quickly total more than our affordable Proactive Callus Care products.

We have partnered with various resellers around the world to offer the same products without the potentially large overseas shipping costs.

Our amazing resellers purchase our products in bulk and are able to provide you with purchase in your home town (or near enough).

New Zealand

Shop name: Wod Shop - for everything you need in the Functional Fitness Community.

Dedicated to providing the best products on the market with a focus on fast service, dependability, customer service and great quality products. Contact : Jan Buschi

United Kingdom

Shop name - Reyllen Fitness

Reyllen is a company focused on you, your needs as an athlete and your needs as human being. We strive to keep improving and keep making our products affordable, hassle free and with only the best of care we can so you can become the best version of yourself. .


Shop name: 4Time – Is a company focused on making you a better athlete, by stocking the accessories that you need to perform at your best everyday.  


Shop name -WeWod
is a company that sells selective gym items from all around the world.
Handpicked by the team to help customers achieve their fitness goals. We thrive
to provide functional but also fashionable products. Browse our catalog and get
ready to sweat!

Canada- Quebec

Shop name: Spartan Fit

Circuit training center with obstacle course offering group workouts programmed using a unique functional training method, accessible to all levels and invented in Quebec.

Motivated by the ambition to  become a national leader in obstacle sports, circuit training and human development , our SpartanFit center in Sainte-Julie is dedicated to the personal and athletic growth of its members of all physical conditions. Committed to educating and training with passion, eloquence, erudition and humor, our team of experts stimulates the appreciation of effort, surpassing oneself and mutual aid. Our pride is the high quality of our community of warm, enthusiastic, humble, loyal and supportive members.

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