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Managing Calluses in Crossfit Training

Calluses and Crossfit go hand in hand. The various training and events are grueling and repetitive. Your hands, feet and body take a beating as you try to be the best version of yourself. The strain of it all can cause ripping, tearing and bleeding, unless you manage your calluses with care.

Callus Performance created a Patented tool, made in the USA that helps reduce the buildup of hand calluses, avoids tears and rips from poor callus management; Our goal is to keep you safe while training harder and longer. Every hard working athlete wants to avoid rips and tears during high intensity workouts, so you can keep training and doing what you love.

Typical training exercises

- Pull ups

- Clean and Push Jerk.

- Muscle Snatch , Medicine-Ball

- Push Press & Shoulder Press

- Legless rope climb & Rope Climb

- Dumbbell Front Lunge

- Ring Push-Up, Kipping Handstand Push-up , L-Sits on Rings

Avoid the ugliness of unmanaged Callus

Caution, Graphic images below, but probably familiar. Don't be these people

Marquan Jones - CrossFit Athlete

Explaining how to manage Calluses with Callus Performance

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