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How to use Callus Performance

Callus Performance created a Patented tool, made in the USA that helps reduce the buildup of hand calluses, avoids tears and rips from poor callus management; Our goal is to keep you safe while training harder and longer. Every hard working athlete wants to avoid rips and tears during high intensity workouts, so you can keep training and doing what you love.

The Callus Score

A lot of results, benefits and innovations packed into portable 3 inches of care.

Uni-directional blades to hit your callus in anyway you need, to the thickness you want

The hollow ABS tube collects scrapes of callus

The bottom has a replaceable emery cloth sand cap, to smooth your callus to comfort.

Avoid catching a rough callus and ripping

Files and smooths without razors

Easy to clean and carry

Gives you a Grip that won't Rip.



See how these Elite Athletes use and rely on Callus Performance

Used and beloved by worldwide Athletes of various sports, training and physical.

Dallin Pepper - 3x Fittest Teen on Earth

Using Callus Performance to excel at Fitness Training

Marquan Jones - CrossFit Athlete

Explaining how to manage Calluses with Callus Performance


How she uses Callus Performance to keep her hands tear and rip free

Danielle Brandon - 3x CrossFit Games Athlete

Excited to keep her hands healthy

Callus know-all

The Callus Score gives you control to get your callus to your desired thickness and size. It's painless and safe. Using razors is not for the faint of heart and can actually cause your skin to produce scar tissue. Scoring avoid the issues caused by cutting off the callus.

Calluses have benefit, but an unmanaged one can catch, rip and bleed, resulting in injury, infection and likely missing out on your event or sport.

Callus Score is portable, affordable and washable. Use it when dry, and throw it in your gym bag. The stainless steel blades don't rust and the ABS body can take a beating. Use it regularly for the best effects.

Callus can form even when using gloves, so Callus care and management is the key to training longer, harder and smarter.

Callus removal/shaving/filing is just part of the overall routine. be sure the use the Callus Healing Salve to ensure a penetrating healing effect.

works on feet too!

Callus is formed and commonly found on hands and feet in physical activities such as: weight training, gymnastics, Crossfit training, rock climbing, soccer, rowing and even in trades like plumbers, carpentry and electricians.

Use Callus Performance, a proven safe and effective callus tool, trusted and used by Worldwide athletes.

Taylar "Made" Stallings

Relies on Callus Performance to keep up her high volume Gymnastics

Bethaney Shadburn - Athlete

Using Callus Performance to keep her hands healthy for Gym and crossfit training

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