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Callus Score 2-Pack

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Callus Performance is used by worldwide athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The Callus Performance®'s patented solution is portable, safe, and easy to use.  It rapidly removes calluses that can lead to injury and discomfort.  Step up from pumice stones and razor blades to the next level. See results on your first use.

Check out our online reviews, to hear it straight from other athletes.

Callus Performance is built in the USA and designed by and for athletes. It's Made with a stainless steel blade, that can be used in any direction and hit those hard-to-reach spots on your hands. It also has a callus smoother one tip, so you can get complete end-to-end hand care in a minute.

Recommended By Top Athletes


Callus Care Performance tool is a proven callus management solution used by athletes and professionals such as Josh Bridges, Bethany Shadburne, Taylar Stallings, and many more.  These athletes, and thousands more, use Callus Performance to stay on top of their game and achieve peak performance. 

Callus Remover for the Hands of hard-working Athletes

What do Rock climbing, Gymnastics, CrossFit, Weight Training, and Rowing have in common?  -  All activities cause calluses. If the callus is left unchecked, you're left with ripped, bloody, and torn skin. 

That's why we invited and patented the world's best tool to manage your Callus.

Callus Performance was created to allow you to train harder, longer and without pain, blood and irritation.


Hand Callus Remover

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