hand callus remover

1 Pack Callus Performance®

  • Callus Remover - WOD Callus Remover Tool for Dry and Callused Hands.
  • ✅ PREVENT RIPT & TORN HANDS DUE TO HAND FRICTION! - Ript Hands Should Not Happen To You. Do Not Miss Another Workout From Painful Torn Calluses Again.
  • ✅ HIT THOSE HARD TO REACH AREAS - A Callus has tough to reach edges. Our Design Allows Ease For Fine Tuning The Callus And Shaving It Away To Dust. Remove Just The Right Amount Of Callus And Continue Daily Until Smooth.
  • ✅ KEEP YOUR HANDS HEALTHY AND SANITARY! - Don't let your athletic performance Or Hygiene suffer due to injury. Our Tool Is An Absolute Necessity For Your Gym Bag.
  • ✅ NO MORE NEED TO HEAL YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU CAN WORKOUT AGAIN! - Be Proactive Like You Are With Your Workouts. Regular Hand Maintenance With Our Tool Will Help You Keep Lifting And Keep Gaining.

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Hand Callus Remover

Do you wish your hands were in the perfect shape for your fitness? We did. Have you been disappointed when your hands rip in the middle of a workout?

THIS IS THE FUTURE OF HAND CARE – The Best Hand Callus Remover Tool for Athletes

Imagine having beat up and bloody hands that you can’t work out with that get in the way of your everyday activities… And even worse… Gets in the way of you working out.

I know a lot of us have tried so many things to keep our hands from tearing and ripping. But none of them last long enough or they take a while. Using a razor blade can lead to cuts and bleeding (what we are trying to prevent).

The Callus Remover Callus Trimmer Blade is a patented technology that everyday athletes and professionals like Travis Mayer, Amanda Barnhard and Bethany Shadburne use to stay on top of their game so they don’t miss those critical performances. This is the future of hand care for performance athletes.

Hand Callus Remover
Hand Callus Remover


The Callus Performance® callus remover is a revolutionary new technology to achieve well cared for and solid hands that are injury free. This innovative bit of technology is easy to use and carry around. It rapidly removes calluses that can lead to injury and even fits in your pocket. Unlike pumice stones, these won’t wear a hole in your gym bag or pant pocket. Your calloused hands will feel better in a single use.


Alie said:

“Better than a pumice stone or sanding block!"

My calluses are so thick that shaving them off is impossible. So I cut them with a straight edged nail clippers first. But that leaves uneven skin that peels and tears. Callus Performance is the solution! After clipping, I am able to smooth down the thick, uneven edges, leaving the skin smooth enough that I may now shake hands without others asking if I cut wood for a living!”

Other solutions like nail clippers, pumice stones, and razor blades can lead to uneven calluses and minor injuries like cuts (eeek). This patented technology uses state of the art materials made in the USA and trusted by professional athletes and the average gym rat alike.

Callus Performance® Callus trimmer trims just enough of the callus in order to strengthen the area in a more efficient way, this way preventing it from ripping again. This simple to use tube has a high performing blade for trimming on the top and a file in the back used to smoothen the surface of your hand. This process will not weaken the skin keeping the callus from ripping and causing painful irritation and bleeding.

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Hand Callus Remover

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