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Ensure you get the best callous care solution in the market. You need callus shaving, callus soothing and moisturizing


Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts who train consistently have calluses. Calluses are thickened areas of skin caused due to constant pressure on the skin. It acts as a protective barrier between the internal skin and the external source of friction. Calluses can occur anywhere in the body but the common location where they occur are hands and feet.

Through this article, we will understand all about calluses, how to prevent calluses from tearing and how to treat ripped calluses when they arise. When calluses raise above the surface of the skin then chances of tearing them increases. Torn calluses is a sign of your die-hard training. But torn callus have a negative impact on training, therefore, it is necessary to treat ripped and torn hands and feet. Healing time taken by torn calluses can impact your workout routine and even simple everyday activities.

Why ripped and torn calluses occur?

Ripped and torn calluses occur on the hands when callus skin comes out of the surface. And, if they are too soft and don't have a hard protective callus build-up on hands then they also have more chances to rip.

Therefore preventing torn calluses are almost always easier than dealing with, treating and healing a torn callus. Because it is a major issue for the athlete. By following some tips for preventing your hands from torn calluses you can avoid the pain and nuisance that come with it.


1. Wash Your Hands: To prevent your hands from infection. It is necessary to bear it and clean the tear with warm water to reduce bacteria.

2. Trim the Skin: With the callus performance remover tool trim any loose excess skin. Don’t leave it untrimmed because these loose pieces of skin can catch on something, tearing the callus even more.

3. Disinfect the Tear: Apply a disinfectant like a callus performance healing salve, to ensure the skin is kept in the best condition possible. This healing salve will help protect from infection and its ingredients heal the wound quickly through stimulating cell regrowth. Apply it at least two times a day as needed until fully healed.

4. Apply Moisturizer: The simplest way to treating hand rips is to keep the affected area moisturized with a healing salve as it has coconut oil, beeswax and almond oil that keeps skin moisturized. Dry skin can lead to more tears and delays the healing process, so moisturizing is essential for treatment and prevention.

5. Clean All Equipment You’ve Touched: You should follow your gym etiquette! Therefore don’t forget to clean all equipment you touched and is cleaned for the safety of other gym-goers.


Once you’ve dealt with the trouble of ripped hands, you surely want to prevent rips from happening again. For this you need to implement a few steps to take care of your hands.

● The first step you can take is by maintaining your calluses at a starting level of thickness. By trimming your calluses using a remover tool, there are much fewer chances of calluses tearing, and you’ll have a more comfortable grip.

● However, moisturizing calluses with the callus performance healing salve is equally important to maintain hydration. Skin easily loses hydration therefore use it at least once a day.

● Never pick your skin. If you have such a habit, try to stop yourself because picking calluses makes them more likely to rip.

Final Words

Don’t let torn calluses keep you away from the workout. When torn calluses do arise, above mentioned are steps and tips should be taken to protect others from infection and to quickly heal your calluses. If possible, continue with the workout, as pain allows. But if the pain does not allows give it some rest and treat it properly. Read out more about how athletes should take care of rips and follow recommended steps to treat your calluses.

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