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Caring For Your Skin Before And After A Workout

Working out 3-4 times weekly is essential to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. Working out is also a proven benefit for mental health because when you exercise, you release endorphins. Endorphins are your happiness hormones. So basically, when you work out, you release happy hormones which help you in keeping a healthy mental health. 

Working Out is not just a mood uplifter but also an ego boost. When you exercise your body, you are moving yourself, you are staying fit, staying healthy and whenever you look like the best version of yourself it is a big ego and morale boost. 

We know how working out is great for our body and our mind but exercising regularly is also great for your skin. If you notice your skin starts glowing when you are exercising regularly. This is because the blood circulation in your body is improving and you are releasing toxins through sweat. So, if you are getting exercise in 3-4 times a week and keeping your skin clean,  you will not just be healthy but also a glowing individual.

However, when it comes to skin you have to take care of it when breaking a sweat because you are exposed to unhygienic particles which can be harmful for your skin leading to a few issues. This is why having a skin care routine is very essential for yourself. Below we cover all the essentials steps to understand regarding skin care if you are a gym freak.


  • CALLUSES: Calluses formed on your hands due to lifting heavy weights at the gym or doing other type of exercises and movement using your hands. Your skin is a sensitive organ this is why when you lift iron rods regularly, the contraction between the iron and skin can cause calluses. 

    The easiest way to avoid callus is to buy appropriate gloves for yourself. Wearing gloves is also better from the sanitation perspective. 

    Another thing that can be done is buying the right kind of hand callus shaver kit. Often even using a talc can be beneficial because it suppresses the sweat on the hands. 

  • RASHES: Having rashes while working out is normal. Rashes can be caused due to sweat and friction on the skin. Your workout gear can often react against your skin due to different postures. These rashes can also be taken care of by applying talc, anti-septic creams, coconut oil or baby creams. These tiny skin care products can make your skin healthier.
  • ATHLETES FOOT: Athlete’s foot is scaling of skin caused due to wearing of socks while sweating. It is common for people who hit gym. The most important thing to avoid having Athlete’s foot is wearing clean socks. Besides that there are various creams available for the same. 
  • CORNS: Corns are the uneven skin growth which is mostly caused due to unhygienic skin. Corns can be removed by any corn or callus shaver tool, however to avoid this growth it is important to keep your skin clean.

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  • FACE WASH: Escaping this step should not be an option because keeping your face clean is how you can avoid having breakouts and rashes. Sweating leads to open pores, these open pores can attract dirt in them leading to breakouts, this is why it is important to have a clean face pre and post workout. 
  • MOISTURIZEEven if you have an oily skin it is still important to invest in a good moisturizer, the reason being constant wiping of the face can lead to dryness of skin which in turn is harmful and leads to early aging. If you have an oily skin, invest in gel based moisturizers as they do not lead to a greasy skin. 
  • LIP MOISTURIZATION: Having a lip balm should be an everyday essential even if you are not in the gym. The sweat on your face can drip on to the lips to making it unhygienic and dry. This is why a lip balm should be handy.
  • USING A DEODORANT/ ANTI-PERSPERANT:  Using a strong deodorant that compliments your natural body scent is not just important for you but also people working out around you. Body odour is absolutely unappealing and this is why it is important to have a deodorant on you while at gym. 
  • SANITIZATION: At the gym it is very important to keep yourself sanitized all the time. If you observe, the equipment’s you use have been used by many others which can prove to be unsanitary. This is why it is a must do step to always keep a sanitizer around you. 
  • HAIR CARE: Hair are just as sensitive as skin. When breaking a sweat at gym, your hair too get sweaty and due to the open pores during working out, the dirt because of sweat can lead to unhygienic hair causing hair fall. 

To control this it is important to let your hair loose after the workout. One should also wash and condition hair regularly in order to keep the scalp clean. 

Hence, it is evident that hygiene is the most important step to keep your skin healthy. Having clean skin, hair, hands means no skin related issues. Happy skin obviously is just as big of a morale boost as having a healthy body. 

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