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Prevent callus rips from weight-lifting and barbells

How to Prevent and Manage Calluses From Lifting

A lot of body changes occurs when you start weight lifting. For instance, Muscles and tendons get bigger and stronger and fat tissues reduce. The skin also adapts to the stress caused by barbell training be forming a rough and tough callus on the skin where you grip the barbell. Callus protect your hands and allow a better grip on it. Calluses help lift heavyweight. But make sure they don't get too big or else there might be a risk of ripping off while doing weight lifting. When a callus rips off, it causes an open wound on your hand and causes extreme pain. You will experience a stinging sensation whenever you try to grip a barbell or pull up bar. It will be extremely difficult to train until it gets better.

Most of the people are used to get calluses on their feet. The smaller ones developed on the hands & fingers while lifting weights. We are sharing different ways of preventing and managing the calluses from lifting. Because of its small size, it also requires a bit of extra care  

A. Make sure callus doesn't get too big: It is fine to leave the callus alone if it is not bothering you. A large callus showing no pain is not a big deal. Do not tear it. Leave it alone. If a callus on your hand gets crusty, there are chances that it can rip off anytime. Be careful of it. If you notice a callus, make sure you do the right thing.

B. Be careful while filing down the callus: The best solution is to use hand callus remover tool. Soften your hand with water and file down it with a callus remover tool. It helps shave down the callus and corns to a level that it becomes comfortable to walk on your feet. You can use it at any time and anywhere. It eliminates the excess of hardened skin without damaging the tissues.

This tool helps to stop the callus to be overgrown, tears and rips of the callus. There are various tools used for the filling of the callus like pumice stone, foot file etc. Sometimes people use blades and end up hurting themselves. You need to be careful while using the callus remover tool. It is an efficient tool that will save a lot of money from going to a podiatric physician.

C. Make sure you hold the grip tightly: Indeed, you can't prevent the calluses from happening but you can reduce the friction and pressure caused while you grip the bar. You can use chalk to hold the grip tightly. Make sure the formulation of the chalk does not dry your skin. It will give rise to callus. Read the formulation before buying the chalk. This is one of the gym hand care tips that you must follow.

D. Correct your hand position: Last but not the least, it is extremely important to look after your hand position while lifting weight in the gym. The hand position guide has a great illustration of how to place your hand while gripping a bar. For instance, holding in between your palm and fingers and not in the middle of your palm. This will help in preventing the skin at the top of the palm from getting compresses below the bar. The presence of small calluses is not a big deal. They are not as bad as if you hold the bar in varied ways.


It can be concluded that calluses are the price one must pay to lift weights. But this is not true with everyone. Calluses act like an annoying distraction in the gym. There are various efficient and effective methods to manage, prevent and treat weight lifting hands. If the callus is still bothering you after you try these methods, you need to see a dermatologist. This is the only way left to cure callus. A dermatologist file down the callus securely and safely using a surgical blade. They also apply a spot treatment of salicylic acid which helps in smoothen and loosen the dead and hardened skin.


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