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Rips are a common occurrence among gymnasts as they put their hands under a lot of strain. This is caused by using uneven bars, rings, parallel bars or high bars. Using bars create friction against the hands and removes various layers of skin from the palm or the wrist area. If you are a gymnast, you need to learn about rips, their care and prevention. 

What is a Rip?

A rip happens during bar workouts when constant friction occurs between your hands and the bar. It removes the skin and become an open wound on the hand. Sometimes it forms a blister filled with blood. It can be very painful. 

Causes of Gymnastic Rip

  • Gymnasts having too thick calluses. Thick calluses are more prone to cause rip.
  • A repetitive friction on the hands
  • Dry skin is more likely to rip.

 Treating and Caring for Rips

Follow the simple tips for treating and caring for rips:

  • Wash your hands properly: We know that a rip is painful but the first thing you need to do is wash your hands with soap and warm water to impede bacterial infection. It will sting but cleaning the rip is necessary. 
  • Trim the excess dead skin with Callus remover tool: You will notice flaps of dead skin you need to trim as close as possible. If the skin is ripped in one direction, it will rip further. Use callus performance, an effective callus remover tool to trim the excess dead skin. Do not use scissors as it may cause injury. 

  • Keep the rip moisturized: Keeping the rip moist to heal faster. Our Callus Performance Healing Salve is a great solution. It is made with all-natural organic ingredients to speed up the healing and moisturizes without leaving skin greasy by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. It provides a protective barrier and softens skin. 

  • Take a rest: Make sure that you do not keep your hand under strain until the wound heals. Let it heal first and then hit the gym.

     Best ways to prevent Rips

    • Keep hands clean and moisturizedThis is the number one tip to prevent rips on the skin. You should wash your hands with soap before and after every workout or training. Use a lotion or a balm to keep the hands moisturized before going to bed. Make it a routine.
    • Use the callus remover tool: Callus performance removes the build-up skin and smoothen the callus area so that it does not catch on the bars. You can keep it in the pocket or gym bag and use it whenever you need.
    • Use the Emery Cloth SandpaperOn the other side of the callus tool you have an emery cloth sandpaper to smoothen and thinning out the callus. That means, there are fewer chances of getting caught and torn. Do not overuse is though.
    • Use Chalk: Chalk keeps the hands dry which means it will help you to grip the bars better. Overusing the chalk might create more friction. 


    When it comes to taking care of your hands, you need to be thorough about your hand care routine to avoid the occurrence of rips. You need to take care of the callus so that it does not result in rips. Using callus remover and healing salve is an efficient way to keep your hands in the best shape. We know that rips are annoying and cause hindrance during the workout but knowing their prevention and treatment helps in contributing greatly to your overall well being.

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