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Ensure you get the best callous care solution in the market. You need callus shaving, callus soothing and moisturizing

The Best Hand & Foot Callus Trimming Solutions

Thick Calluses Got You Down?  

Do not worry! We have a super handy and mighty callus trimming solution to remove all the nooks and grooves of hands and feet.  

The extra patches on the skin might seem bad but they are natural armor for our body. They protect the skin from an unusual amount of wear and tear. The callus is also one of them. They may have benefit but you must ensure to treat them to avoid blisters, rips, tears etc. If you will not do so, it becomes painful for you to make a grip or touch any surface.  

It is triggered by continuing friction or abrasion. When your heel is rubbed inside the shoe or when you do a lot of manual work with your hand. Skin is made up of a number of layers and different types of cells. A layer of hard and dead cells constitute the outermost layer. If an unusual amount of continuous pressure is triggered on the skin, the layer of dead cells increases. The dead cells grow faster and the outer layer becomes thick. This is the formation of callus. The callus is useful until it doesn’t become thick and form corn structure. This is painful and you may need a solution to get rid of it. 

Get the Best Callus Trimming Solution Now! 

We offer an excellent handy tool to trim the callus from your hand or feet. It simply trims the infected area without causing any other issues in the skin. Packed with a patented blade, enables you to safely shave the stubborn callus and smoothens the soles and heels. Be it Flaky skin, calluses, or corns. You can consider them vanished after using the callus performance. It is quite easy to Trim Calluses on your Hands & Feet.

It is portable and can be dropped in a pocket or bag. You must add it to your everyday care kit. It is the safest tool to remove callus and leveled with your skin. Callus Performance Healing Salve ups the moisture in the skin and makes it smooth & heal faster. It prevents the skin from drying and cracking. 

Callus Trimming Tool

1 Pack Callus Performance®

How Not to remove foot callus? 

  • Do not cut a foot callus using a razor, rasp, or any type of sharp tool. The results could be dangerous. 
  • Do not use strong chemicals to remove foot callus. Chemicals like salicylic acid, potassium hydroxide is highly concentrated. Our skin is fragile and it can cause irritation or chemical burns on the skin. 
  • Heavy emollients or moisturizing creams provide temporary results.
  • A soft, spongy, or reddish-brown colored foot callus indicates a serious medical problem. In this case, you should visit a doctor. 

What Makes Callus Performance Products More Effective? 

An effective callus trimming tool must deliver quality results, boost the skin’s functions, and enhance moisture to the epidermis. Our product vanishes all the dead skin taking up residency on the palm of the hands or bottom of your heels. Avoiding regular foot care and hand care may result in serious problems. Feet will become dry, cracked and painful. In future, it might get susceptible to infection. Our carefully designed callus trimming tool gently trims the callus with ease and comfort. It comes with mini grits at the end that impedes the damage of the underlying tissues. The roughness left on the callus can be shaved by emery cloth. After shaving, keep your hands or feet moisturized to minimize dryness. Make a habit of washing hands with warm water after working out. It removes all the dirt particles accumulated on the skin. Our natural organic healing salve keeps the hand moisturized. Their common ingredients are Shea butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut oil, Almond oil, Organic Vitamin E, Organic Lavender, Organic Tea Tree, Organic Frankincense and Organic Geranium. It speeds up the callus recovery process. The Callus performance tools are the top choice for the leading athletes and gymnasts as we focus on keeping the feet & hands hydrated, healthy and injury-free.

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