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How to Trim Calluses on your Hands & Feet

A lot of people suffer from calluses without even knowing or identifying the real issue at hand. Of course, there are ways to trim them safely. Often time calluses will form on your hands and feet from a continuous repetition or friction in the same area on your skin. In this article, we will cover some vital information to help you understand how to take care of your calluses properly.

What are Calluses?

  • A callus is an area of the skin that thickens where it has been faced with friction or other irritations.
  • Calluses form after the area is repeatedly brushed or pressured such as your feet where it is enclosed in your shoes all day (especially if your shoe does not fit properly).
  • Calluses are not harmful but can be disturbing to look at.
  • If you do not pay close attention or properly care for your calluses, it can lead to skin ulcers or even infections which can leave the entire area feeling painful.

What is the difference between Corns and Calluses?

Many people suffer from corns and most times, mistake it for calluses. However, there is a difference between the two and understanding how they form and how to reduce the chances of developing them will help you a lot.

What are the apparent differences? For starters, calluses are formed from skin friction or pressure while corns, formed almost the same way, have two versions, soft and hard. Corns are generally mild, but when sweat gathers and stores around the area, they get hard. Corns are a build-up of dead skin cells. Here are a few facts you may want to consider:

  1. A corn has a hard centre which is surrounded by inflamed skin and can be extremely painful if pressure is placed on it. Calluses, on the other hand, are not painful and are physically bigger than corns (which are small, round and well-defined).
  1. Corns form on areas where there is no weight or pressure placed on it (such as the side of the toes). Calluses, however, form in areas where weight is usually applied like the sole of the feet (under the toes, or the heel) or in the palm of the hands.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Calluses?

If you realize you have calluses and are not sure how they formed or if it is even a callus, please review the following signs and symptoms:

1.    Raised Bumps

If you wear your shoes for long hours, it can lead to bumps under your feet, which can be known as calluses. Can the bumps be formed through mini punctures on the skin from friction received and ever heard of boils? Well, these bumps are similar, burst and leave unattended, it will dry, spread and form a callus.

2.    Inflamed Skin

When the skin is pressed and rubbed too hard, it will become inflamed, and once this happens and the skin cell dies, it will form on the surface. The pressure or rubbing of the skin will lead to inflammation and if left untreated can cause a build-up of the dead cells.

3.    Thickness or dryness

Calluses are large dry patches on the skin mostly on the sole of the feet or palms.

The thickness of the skin is known as hypermarkets. It is the process that allows the skin to develop a protective mechanism from further bruises or damage. The imbalanced anatomy of the feet, such as deformation of the heels or toes, can also lead to callus formation.

4.    Rubbing and Pressure

People tend to wear small or close-fitted shoes without realizing they are causing their feet immense pressure. Friction is one of the leading causes of calluses and how you deal with it will determine the extent of any health problems.

5.   Weightlifting

When working out, it is good to identify ways to protect your hands effectively. Many movements can cause friction leaving you with unwanted hard callused skin. Calluses on hands are a result of weights and pressure; thus, weightlifting without proper gear can be dangerous. Another essential thing to remember is having shoes that fit correctly. This will help to avoid any long-term issues.

What Home Remedies Help Prevent Callused Hands?

Having torn skin on your hands can be uncomfortable and not to mention an unpleasant sight. Many who suffer from this condition are always seeking ways to trim them or prevent them from developing.

A lot of times, people purchase over-the-counter creams and medications to care for calluses while others search and use home remedies. Please take a look at some of the following home remedies.

Soak your hands in warm water daily

Keeping your hands moist will make you less likely to develop calluses as it will help to reduce dryness. Warm water helps to soothe the pores on your hands. It relaxes the pressure and tension they probably have gone through during rough activities at the gym. Also, the warm water helps to kill the potential dead skin cells that may form calluses.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has lubricant elements which help to soothe and keep the hands moist. Treating calluses can be done by adding a few teaspoons of castor oil in warm water to soften the hardened area and release the tension.

Tea Tree Oil

Adding some tea tree oil to warm water and leaving your hands to soak will help treat your calluses. Tea tree oil has antibacterial elements that contribute to rid the skin of any dead skin cells or bacteria which may have gathered in the area where calluses are known to be formed.

How do I trim Calluses?

Callus Performance:

It can be embarrassing when you shake someone's hands, and they make a face or comment because your hands are coarse. Callus Performance helps to remove the uneven hard skin on your hands and feet. It is designed with a high-performance blade that will trim and shave the hard areas of the callus and leave your hands feeling smooth. Callus performance guide will help you to avoid rips and tears.This will help you to avoid rips and tears. Because of its convents size Callus Performance can be taken on the go, they are easy to travel with and fit comfortably in your gym bag or pocket.

Use Callus Performance Healing Salve to Moisturize and Heal.

To ensure you are protecting your hands and feet while working out, one of the best remedies is Callus Performance healing salve. This healing salve is made all-natural organic ingredients and can help aid in any rips or tears.


Calluses are real, and how you respond to them will determine the affects they have on you long term. There are countless ways in which one can develop calluses, if you have tried many treatment options and they don't work, then we recommend Callus Performance.

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  • Thank you so much! I had many calluses on my hands and palms from climbing around on bars and parkour.


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