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Ensure you get the best callous care solution in the market. You need callus shaving, callus soothing and moisturizing

How to Treat Calluses on Hands

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1. USE CALLUS CARE TOOL: Callus Performance provides you with a small useful tool that helps to treat and/or trim the callus from your hand.

2. SOAK YOUR HANDS ON WARM WATER: Soaking your hands in warm water daily will do more for your hands than anything else.

3. TRIM CALLUSES: Use Callus Performance Callus Trimmer Tool to trim your calluses perfectly without cutting your hands.

4. USE MOISTURIZERS: Moisturizers can be used to treat the calluses by preventing the skin from drying out.

Ripped Calluses are some of the most painful things anyone wishes to experience, and they would do just about anything to prevent that. But you may be wondering what calluses are.

They are thick and hardened layers of skin that generally form when the skin is placed under pressure or experiences friction. Calluses are mostly built on the hands and fingers as well as feet and toes.

When the skin rubs against hard surfaces that cause it to slightly blister or pain, then it creates "barrier-like" protection for the skin. It accumulates dead skin cells, and when touched, it can be painful or not felt at all.

How to Prevent Ripped Calluses on Hands

Preventing Ripped Calluses are no magical affair and can be done with simple effort. If you have never had the experience of dealing with ripped calluses, you will want to prevent it at all costs. Preventing them from occurring than having to treat them will make your life much more comfortable. But how can it be prevented? There are simple tricks to protecting your hands from developing the condition by:

Healing Salve can help to recover your skin quickly if you are experiencing from ripped, dry, or cracked skin. Callus Performance Healing Salve is made with all-natural organic ingredients so that you can recover your skin most quickly and efficiently possible. The pure ingredients of this Healing Salve are remarkably powerful yet gentle on the skin so that it may be ideal for many instances and skin types, without utilizing any harmful components.

Never pick your skin

 When you have a scar or bruise, it is highly recommended to avoid picking your skin at all costs. When you pick the skin, it creates a way for it to become tender to susceptible danger when pressed against a surface.

Treating Calluses on Hands the right way

 There are multiple ways you can treat calluses on your hands with both medical and home remedies. If you notice you have a developing callus, it is best to try one or a few of the following options:

Use Callus Care Tool by Callus Performance:

Callus Performance provides you with a small useful tool that helps to treat and/or trim the callus from your hand. It can trim the area (without causing any further or underlying issues) and leave your skin feeling smooth. The Callus Performance tool has a patented blade that allows you to safely shave the callus build up until reduced to skin level. The tool is flexible and can be taken practically everywhere and used after your hands have been through immense pressure. If you work on tension jobs or work out a lot, it is an essential tool that should be added to your ultimate hand care kit.

Soak Your Hands Daily on Warm Water

 Soaking your hands in warm water daily will do more for your hands than anything else. The warm water can soften the hardened area as well as reduce the pressure your hands have gone through. Warm water relaxes the muscles and pores in your hands and lessens the tension it feels. Also, if you have a severe case of callus or it is just developing, you can easily reduce the amounts of dead skin cells that are formed on the skin.

Trim Calluses Down

There are different ways you can trim the calluses on your hands to make life easier. In trimming the calluses, you can use options like:

Razor - After soaking your hands and the calluses get soft, you can use a clean blade to shave the top of the hardened area. Just be careful because with a razor you could potentially take too much of your calluses and that isn’t good either. We need to have calluses to protect our hands.

Callus Remover - This is the safest tool to shave and smooth the area to remove just enough of the callus build up to keep the callus leveled with your skin.

Moisturizers - Moisturizers can be used to treat the calluses by preventing the skin from drying out. Leave the moisturizer on for an extended period, essentially overnight and the elements in the cream will help from drying and cracking. 

Treat Thickened Skin:

You can make the hardened area smoother by using emery cloth to remove the toughened skin after you shower. Emery cloth has abrasive elements that allow you to smooth the hardened area as it will get soft, especially after you shower. Before using the emery cloth, it is recommended that you use the Callus shaver to remove the extra callus build up. Also, a warm water soak would better enable the emery cloth to work more effectively.

Final Words

Ripped Calluses are not the easiest things to deal with, especially if they are in areas where they impede your daily work. When they become too hard, it can be uncomfortable, and the only option is to shave/ trim them. But, the best option is to prevent from getting too big and then having to treat or cure them. 

 If you have calluses, using the Callus Performance Callus Shaver will help a lot as it helps to shed the dead skin cells from your hands through shaving and trimming. A Callus Performance remover is a patented blade to effectively shave the hard area and level the skin. Your health is important so please take care of your hands.

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