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Foot Calluses- Simple Tips To Care And Treat Foot Calluses

What are foot Calluses?

A callus is a hard, thickened skin area on the foot that forms as a response to constant pressure or friction. It happens usually through poor-fitting shoes. When pressure is applied in a particular area, the callus may develop. If pressure is not released, calluses can become painful.

Common areas of calluses are under the big toe, tips of toes, balls of the foot, and at any bony prominence. Sometimes, the pressure and friction of the calluses may result in inflammation, which can further lead to pain, swelling, and redness. 

What are the symptoms of Calluses? 

The symptoms of calluses can include: 

  • Thick hard skin patch on the foot. 
  • Rubbery and white bumps of skin. 
  • It may pain due to pressure or friction. 

What are the causes of calluses on the feet? 

Calluses can be developed to anyone but there are various groups of people that are particularly at risk such as:

  • People spend most of their time standing up. Because of this, some people face continuous weight-bearing pressure on their feet.
  • People with flat feet may face calluses because they get excessive pressure inside the foot and the ball of the
  • People with feet that roll outwards such as high arched feet also get excessive pressure on the outside of the
  • Aging skin loses fatty tissue and elasticity due to which elderly people are at more risk in terms of
  • A person having problems such as hammertoe, bunions, arthritis, or has bony prominence which rubs against the shoe or neighboring
  • People who wear shoes regularly that are narrow, tight, ill-fitting, or high-heeled. 

How to Identify a callus?

A callus isn’t always painful. Moreover, they actually develop on your feet to prevent you from pain. You can identify them easily. As they are thick patches of skin that developed due to constant rubbing or pressure. You can also have smaller calluses which are also known as corns. Generally, these are small bumps of thick skin that are surrounded by inflamed tissues. Moreover, these are painful when pressed. 

Treatment for Calluses:

Our body protects skin tissues from pressure or frictional damage by producing hard skin in a particular area. The cause of the problem is friction and pressure which can be found and removed. These treatments can damage the healthy surrounding skin if you use them incorrectly. Never try to cut away or grid a callus, as there is a risk of infection if you accidentally cut yourself.

If you are suffering from calluses, see a podiatrist for treatment. Other common options include:

  • Identify and remove the cause of friction and pressure. 
  • Reduction of callus to relieve yourself from the pain. 
  • Wear permanent shoe inserts to offer long term pressure relief relief. 
  • Use appropriate size footwear. 
  • Need regular foot care such as the use of healing salve, moisturizer, etc,

Tips to care Calluses: 

Care of all foot problems such as calluses is important for people. Here are tips for treating calluses-

  • Foot care should be part of your daily routine therefore always look and feel if you think calluses are developing.
  • Wash the area with warm and salty water where you find calluses. You should also apply callus performance healing salve as it heels the wound and moisturizes the skin with various natural ingredients inside it. It is an amazing healing salve that will keep your heels soft and smooth.
  • If some part of callus skin irritates you, get relief by removing extra skin through the callus performance remover tool properly instead of trimming it with hands randomly. 
  • Use appropriate size of shoes while doing a workout, running, etc. Never wear tight shoes to prevent yourself from friction.
  • Moreover, use the proper technique of exercise and workouts so that you can prevent yourself from torn calluses. Proper techniques make you learn to maintain balance which decreases the pressure and may prevent you from calluses. 

Final Words-

A callus is hard, thick skin that occurs on the heel, across the ball of the foot, or at the external side of the toe. Many people consider it a problem but for many athletes, it is a matter of pride. Using proper techniques and regular care can treat calluses from feet. Most importantly, the proper size of shoes is a must to wear while working out. Also, do proper care by using the healing salve which will keep your heels soft and smooth. If you are not getting relief by following the above tips then you should consult the dermatologist.

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