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Suffering from Rower’s callused hand Problems? Here’re Tips to prevent ripped callused hands from rowing


Rowing is a recreational sport that involves moving a boat on water using oars. While pushing oars against the water, rowers generate force to propel the boat. Rowing is helpful in strengthening our body parts such as shoulders, arms, glutes, hamstrings, and back muscles as well as. Rowers know that their hands can't be soft and smooth and nor should they be because while rowing oar is gripped tightly and pressure is applied against the water while oar is moved through the water. It leads to calluses which occur as a protective layer of skin at the point of contact between the oar and the hand.

What are rowing Calluses?

Rowing Calluses occur during rowing on a rowing machine, boat, or kayak. Generally, there are two common types of rowing calluses like calluses on hands and calluses on the buttocks. While rowing, calluses on the buttocks occur because of friction between the seat and buttocks. On the other hand calluses on the hands occur due to pressure and constant force between hands skin and oars used while rowing. These types of calluses become worse while our skin wets.

Why do Calluses Occur?

Calluses simply occur due to constant friction and pressure on your hands while doing the workout and improper gripping. If you are rowing for the first or after a long gap then chances are high that you suffer from ripped calluses. By taking the necessary precautions you can treat and prevent torn hands from rowing. As it is important for you to work out at your best.

How do you Prevent Ripped Calluses when Rowing?

If you are already suffering from calluses then you should not increase the duration of rows. You should avoid that especially in hot or wet conditions. Moreover, don’t let your callus skin get too thick. You can use the callus performance remover tool to grind the top layer of dead or hard skin especially when it irritates.

callus performance callus remover tool

To prevent calluses, you should understand various signs that cause calluses. The main reasons for callus forming are:

● Due to Improper grip

● Due to Increased rowing duration

● Sweat and moisture on your hands or at the handle.

Tips to take care of your Hands as a Rower?

 1. Wash hands properly:- You should wash your hands properly after rowing and using the rowing machine. Because while rowing all that backsplash-canal-water touches your hands which has all sorts of bacteria that may cause infection. On the other hand, you don’t even know if the rowing is wiped down after the last person used it or not.

Tips for You: To protect your open and bare skin from calluses from bacteria, you should wipe down the rowing machine before using it.

 2. Cut off flaps of skin:- Generally flaps of calluses skin cause irritation. You should remove it by hand callus remover tool. Moreover, you should not take the risk of cutting calluses skin with scissors, nail clippers, etc. Flaps of calluses skin should be removed professionally with remover. In addition, Bits of dirt and grit will end up underneath it therefore you should not leave it. Tips for You: You should avoid rowing especially when your skin is raw. Because raw skin dries sooner and begins to heal without hurting much.

3. Use a moisturizer or Healing salve:- You should apply moisturizer or healing salve at least twice a day. You can use callus performance healing salve because it has coconut, almond oil, shea butter to moisturize your skin, and organic geranium to heal calluses, cuts, and wounds properly. Moreover, it also works on rips, dry or cracked skin.

callus hand healing slave

4. Don't pick at them:- You should never try to pick your callus with fingertips and fingernails. Opening it is unnecessary if your skin is protected.

5. Always hold the oar properly:- The most important and essential point to prevent calluses I left for last, is the grip. You should adjust your grip properly through your thumbs to the top of the handle, instead of the bottom where they belong. This technique helps you in avoiding putting pressure on the areas where you’ll likely get calluses.

Final Words

It’s essential to focus on gripping techniques while rowing and tips to take care of your calluses. For rowing gripping techniques, you can ask your coach the perfect technique on how to hold the oar properly. If you are not able to treat calluses by following the above-mentioned tips, you should consult a dermatologist for the proper treatment.


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