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No More Ripped GYM Hands: Tips To Prevent Ripped Calluses On Your Hand

 Are you into sports, bodybuilding, gymnastics or weightlifting? And are you continuously suffering from sore callused hands that rip, tear or blister? Hand Calluses are common in sports and fitness whether you are doing butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups, muscle-ups, Olympic weightlifting barbell work, or even kettlebell. It’s really common that your fitness takes a serious toll on your hands.

What are calluses?

Calluses are a thick and hardened layer on bare skin that develops when your skin protect itself against friction and pressure. Calluses are the sign of your hard work. Calluses most often develop on hands and feet.

What are Gym Hands?

The one who has ever lifted weight may know exactly how dry and callus-ridden your hands become after few seconds of the workout. A lot of gym equipment is covered with a rubber material that is exposed to the development of eczema, and the constant friction between your hands and weights can cause hard calluses on palms or fingers. This condition is painful and embarrassing, especially if you work in a job that requires shaking hands with people all the time.

How calluses affect your gym hands?

For weightlifters, gymnasts or people that practice sports, etc. gym hands with calluses are pride. Some find it rough and hardened skin on their hands and feet like an unsightly nuisance. If you are doing deadlifts, cleans, snatches, and chin ups, the continuously friction and pressure from gripping the bar can result in thick, hardened areas of the skin. However, the skin does this to protect itself from possible infection and further damage. The rough calluses and peeling skin formed on your hands is extremely bothersome and distracting when you lift the weight. If you are a regular at the gym, this guide is helpful for you to prevent hand ripped calluses allowing you to continue to enjoy your workouts.

Tips To Prevent Ripped Calluses On Your Hands

Our hands suffer substantial pressure during every workout. Below we mentioned some tips you should follow to prevent hand ripped calluses.

1. Soak your hands daily:

This is the easiest method of softening your hard and thick calluses hands.  This method of softening hands is a must for those who have already developed gym hands or calluses. It’s a simple method, you have to just soak your hands in warm water for about 12-15 minutes. For better results, you can also add Epsom salt in the water

You can also use the gym callus remover tool to remove the rough part of your hands. This tool will help you get rid of any hard and excess skin that has developed from the friction of lifting the weights. You should do it regularly to keep your hands strong and rip free.

2. Moisturize daily:

Moisturizer is not only for women. It is also the best method to prevent your hands and feet from ripped calluses. You should moisturize them at least twice a day for better results. It’s a task that only takes couple of seconds but it has massive benefits on the hard skin of hands. No matter how hard you go in the gym, you will never shy while shaking hands.

3. Never pick calluses

It might be incredibly tempting to pick off hard skin develop on your hands. Doing so will only make things worse. Picking dry and dead skin of calluses may get rid of you temporarily. But it will start growing again thicker and thicker to make skin tougher. This is worse than a hand full of calluses. It is hard, uncomfortable and sometimes irritates.

4. Keep your hand calluses rip free

Removing the hard skin of calluses with the best callus remover tool such as callus performance remover is a professional step.

Avoid using a knife blade, scalpel, nail clippers or sharp knife. Once you remove all the calluses from the hand and fingers, use a healing salve which helps in moisturizing and healing the wound. It also helps even out the surface of the skin.

5. Hand Protection During Workouts

There are many ways to protect your hands during workouts, but we recommend the most effective one - learn the proper gripping technique to prevent ripping your calluses. You can learn it from your coach. Because balancing pressure is a must in preventing yourself from ripped calluses while working out.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance should be at the top. It should be a regular ritual for gym lovers. Maintenance can be done by just following the above steps from soaking to learning proper gripping technique. Read out some more skin caring tips you should follow before or after a workout.

Final words

Working out is a part of life for gym lovers, sports people and weight lifters. Gym hands a.k.a callus hands are pride for them because it’s a sign of their hard work but preventing ripped callus hands is necessary. The above guide is helpful to prevent ripped calluses without disrupting your workouts.

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