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Callus tools used by CrossFit athletes and training

Hand Care Tips for CrossFit Pre and Post Workout

Working out has become one of the most proactive activities for persons who desire to lose weight, keep healthy, or build muscles. However, what many people don't realize is that there is more to this practice, especially where hand care is concerned.

Power Lifting for one is by far one of the most popular physical workouts where your hands are put under immense pressure. Before you indulge in any of these intense and/or power activities, you must focus on getting your hands ready for the force it is about to undergo.

This move is essential because it will prevent you from developing muscle issues or friction-related issues like corns and calluses. Also, after working out, it is crucial to indulge in aftercare hand practices to prevent further problems from occurring.

Hand Care Tips - Pre & During the Workout

Every so often, we go to the gym, and the only thing being preached is, "push harder" or "don't let go, do another round." But, what we realize is that hand care practices are not stressed as much. Achieving results is the only gain without focusing on the fact that you are hurting other parts of your body in the long run.

When it comes to lifting weights, the hands are used more than anything else, and as such, the focus to adequately prepare for the intense pressure they will undergo is essential. Also, be mindful to focus on your hands during a workout to ensure all is well. For the best hand care during the workouts, you need to:

Fix your Gripping

Grip means everything in the gym, as this will better enable you to workout easier as well as being more comfortable. One professional trainer has noted the best way to grip at the gym is to place the bars or weights where the fingers meet the palm as this will reduce the risk of tearing.

Blisters are inevitable in the gym if you are not careful, and it is mostly as a result of how you manage the gripping motion. Allowing your thumb to grip around what you are holding instead of placing it elsewhere will provide a more stabilized hold.

Moisturize your Hands

When you moisturize your hands, you reduce the chances of them becoming dry and cracked and making it hard to workout with ease. Also, moisturizing your hands help to smoothen the developing calluses, or if you already have them, it eases the tension placed on them.

One of the best tactics to use is soaking your hands in warm water for about 10-15 minutes. While it is still wet, add your moisturizer (cream, lotion or vaseline) then gently towel dry as this will help your pores always remain moist.

Take Care of Your Calluses

Blisters can form if you refuse to take care of your Calluses which can be painful for a gym enthusiast. Calluses are formed because of continuous rubbing and friction of hands when working out. However, being there already, it is vital that you focus on caring for them that they do not worsen.

Having calluses means you need to trim it down occasionally using Callus Performance Callus Tool, and ensure to moisturize your hands so there will be limited friction when working out. Also, you can care for your hands after trimming down the calluses by using the Emery Sandpaper Cloth to smoothen the area.

Hand Care Tips Post Workout

After your workout, you are most times tempted to go get some rest and get on with your life. However, before you do, you need to focus on the fact that your hands have been through immense pressure and should be given priority before you go.

Post-workout hand care is critical to relax the muscles in your hands and also to add moisture as most times they tend to dry out, especially if they were sweating. So, what are some of the best options? Here are some tips to consider:

Clean your Hands First

Chalk and powder will dry your hands faster than you know, so the best move is to wash your hands after every workout thoroughly. Also, sweaty palms mean salt is produced, and if left on, it can cause additional dryness and crack your hands. When the powder and sweat seep through your pores, it can leave the hand dry and may end up sore if you go ahead to do other hand-based works.


Trim your Calluses down :

This is one of the most common issues faced by Athletes - Calluses and corns. They form as a result of so many things to include pressure on the hands, and lack of proper care. If you workout and your calluses are probably getting in your way, you may want to trim them down.

Trimming down the calluses can be done by using the Callus Performance Callus Trimmer that allows you to trim down those extra calluses and to smoothen the area with the help of Emery Sandpaper Cloth. The Callus trimmer is a small tool that can be carried with ease (some as little as a nail clip).

Treat Torn Calluses

Take proper notice of your hands while you work out, and in this process, if you realize your callus is torn or is opening, it is recommended you cease working out immediately. You should soak your hands in warm water (preferably about 10-15 minutes) then try to clean the area with non-abrasive soap. This will soften the hand and the area around the callus, giving you the chance to remove any loose skin that is present. You can then place a bandage over the area to prevent it from direct contact with any form of pressure.

Use Callus Performance Healing Salve

The Callus Performance Healing Salve is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to caring for your hands during and after a workout. If you suffer from calluses, tears, or blisters, this organic-based product made of natural coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, tea tree oil, and almond oil, among others, will do your hands great.

It will help to speed up the healing process in a safe way as all products are tested and proven for health use. It also has antibacterial elements to help protect you from developing any virus in the case your hands are exposed before being cleaned and bandaged. They are affordable and can be accessed easily from


Your hands help you to do almost all activities, so the best care you take of them, the better for you. For Athletes, it is vital to pay close attention to pre hand care workout practices while working out and even post-working out. For those who already have hand conditions like blisters and calluses and must workout, be mindful of the best methods to implement. 

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