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Ensure you get the best callous care solution in the market. You need callus shaving, callus soothing and moisturizing

How to Toughen Hand Calluses for Rock Climbing, Weightlifting, & More

Easily Managing Callus and toughen your hand callus

If you are an avid athlete, cross fitter, weightlifter, or a rock climber you most likely will develop calluses on your hands. These hardened areas of skin are typically formed on the palms and fingers as a result of repeated pressure from your physical activity too these areas. Unmanaged Calluses can catch, rip, bleed be painful and lead to infection and injury.

To avoid potential issues with your calluses including rips, tears or blisters it’s important to care for the skin, maintain an appropriate thickness of tissue and maximize your grip. This will help in preventing further tissue damage and potential infection.

Well-formed calluses will help to protect your hands during your workouts and competitions. A couple simple actions and items will ensure you keep training and competing safely and to your max.

Chalk: During your workout or competition, it is helpful to add chalk to your hands to achieve a more stable grip. When your hands are slippery during a workout it is difficult to get a good grip and it increases the chances of your calluses ripping and tearing. The chalk also creates a slight barrier between the callus and the object you are gripping.


Callus remover / file / smoother : The Callus Performance Score, is by far one of the most effective tools you can use to treat and take care of your calluses.  The Callus Remover scoring end files/scores your callus to your desired thickness. The sanding end, remove the excess dead skin and smooths your callus to ensure there are no catches.



Callus Salve / Balm: A natural balm should also be added to your hand care routine so that your callus is moisturized from the deep layers up to the surface layers. Many other creams and lotions trap moisture at the top layer of skin, making the callus weak and worse.  Callus Performance has created a callus salve just for this purpose.  The callus healing salve is a soothing natural balm that is applied to your hands to aid in repair and heal your skin. The Callus Performance Healing Salve contains soothing and healing elements such as tea tree oil and coconut oil, both which are antibacterial, and shea butter which will help to repair your hands naturally. It is effective before and during workouts and can even be applied overnight so the many essential oils work their magic. Tea tree oil, frankincense, lavender, beeswax and geranium all add proven benefits to callus care.


The repetitive nature of your activity will always lead to calluses, the key is not having the callus catch and rip.  Chalk, a callus remover and a callus salve are easy and affordable ways to stay strong, smart and active.


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