How to Treat and Prevent Ripped Hands – Guide for CrossFit Athletes

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Hand care is one of the essential factors to consider for CrossFit Athletes as their hands go through immense pressure while training and working out. If not correctly cared for, you will realize calluses on hands will build up to the point they’ll rip and tear.

When calluses form on the hands and are not treated properly, they will end up getting ripped and can lead to further issues. CrossFit involves a lot of pressure on the hands, and as such, you want to practice pre-care methods, hand-care during a workout as well as aftercare practices. These practices will help to reduce the chances of terrible rips, which can even lead to infections if not careful.

How to Treat Ripped Hands

The first step to treating a ripped hand is to try and prevent it from happening. This option may sound weird, but if you practice proper care techniques, you won't have to worry about treating it. However, treating does not have to be a complicated task as there are multiple ways and tips you can implement that includes wearing protective gear, applying treatment creams, or stop working out for a while.

Steps to Treating

When you realize your calluses are ripped, there are specific approaches you need to take to treat it, such as:

Clean Your Hands First

You want to ensure your hands are properly washed, so no dirt or bacteria is stored on the hands. Washing your hands will cause burns or stings, but it is the safest way to hinder further issues from developing.

To reduce the tension on the hands while washing, you can opt for warm water, which helps to soothe the sore. You can soak your hands for a while before adding the soap gently. Once you have washed it thoroughly, it is recommended that you pat dry instead of wiping. When you wipe, it can cause irritation and possibly tearing the rip deeper.

Wear a Bandage

Once you have cleaned your hands, you can apply a healing moisturizer that will help to soothe and eliminate the burning sensation. One of the most effective factors to also consider is the use of a bandage to cover the areas that are exposed to potential bacteria.

You can use a medical gauze or tape to wrap the hands but be mindful not to use the hands for tasks that require friction or hard grip. It would be best to add the dressing before bed so your hands can also rest.

Use a Healing Salve

There are hundreds of different healing salves available to aid in treating ripped calluses, but one of the most efficient is the All Natural Callus Performance Healing Salve. After washing hands with soap and water, gently pat dry and then apply the healing salve (in a generous amount) to help soothe and repair the rips. When you use the salve, you can then wrap your hands with a bandage or tape (and leave on overnight), so the salve can seep through the pores in and around the bruises and perform the repairing process.

Clean all the Pieces of Equipment You Have Touched

Don't forget to practice good hygiene and gym etiquette while you are using the area. If you have a ripped hand and you have been using the gym equipment, especially without gloves, you may want to sterilize the area to protect other gym members who will be using the same machines. No, it is not a matter of scorn but bears in mind, when you hand tears or blisters, it produces fluid, and when that is mixed with sweat and other airborne issues, that moisture may not be so hygienic for others to come in contact with.

Best Ways to Prevent Ripped Hands

Preventing your hands from being ripped is the best option you could go for, as this will make your life easier. Bear in mind, ripped hands form as a result of buildup calluses on the hands, so protecting these will be the best bet. Wearing protective gear, practicing before, during, and aftercare tactics and adequately caring for your hands will reduce the chances of them becoming ripped. But to effectively prevent tearing, you may want to consider one or more of the following tips:

Trim or Shave your Calluses down Regularly

Calluses do have their positive and negative features, but when it comes to preventing them from ripping, you need to shave or trim them. Shaving or trimming calluses is a tactical practice and should be done with particular items to create the best results.

After cleaning the hands and soaking them, you can use a razor or blade to gently shave the top of the callus to reduce the buildup, but make sure to be careful while using the razor blade as it may lead to cuts and bleeding. Also, you may want to consider our Callus Performance Callus Remover tool, which is very safe to use and effectively shaves off the extra callus build up. When the callus build up gets even with the rest of the skin, there is a less chance for it to rip.

Use Emery Cloth Sandpaper to Smoothen Them

When you shave or trim the calluses, they will still have an unleveled look so smoothening the area is a must. Using Emery Cloth Sandpaper will efficiently scrub off the additional dead skin that remains after the calluses are shaved. Using the Emery Cloth Sandpaper after the Callus Performance Callus Remover will give a greater result as the cloth is designed to remove the roughness that remains after being trimmed.

Stop Picking Up Calluses

Just in case you didn't know, when you pick your calluses, you leave room for it to have loose ends to develop into a rip. Also, picking your calluses can be dangerous as it will leave you susceptible to catching airborne or surface germs and bacteria. You may also pick too far into the callus and potentially damage the tissues which lie in hand.

Keep Your Hand Moisturized and Hydrated

Keeping your hands moist will reduce the chances of developing friction as well as reducing the chances of the skin becoming dry. If the skin gets too dry, it will make it easy to crack and rip. Our healing salve is great for moisturizing the hands.

Calluses can be inevitable, especially for CrossFitters, so proper handcare is a must before, during, and after workouts. Also, treating your calluses with our Callus Performance Callus Remover, Healing Salve, and Emery Cloth Sandpaper will leave your hands feeling refreshed and smooth.

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