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remove hand callouses to the right level for maximum protection

How to Treat and Remove Calluses From Hands and Feet?

Calluses on the feet are a fairly common problem from which most people are suffering. New, stiff shoes, long walk, rock climbing, playing guitar, dancing, working out, weightlifting, and long-standing times contributes to the development of the calluses on the hands and feet. Over time, they begin to cause discomfort and sometimes painful sensations.

Causes of Calluses

To treat calluses of your hands and feet, you need to find out the main reasons for their appearance and eliminate them. Most often, calluses occur due to:

  • using uncomfortable, narrow shoes and shoes of the wrong size
  • wearing hard shoes on bare feet or a very thin nylon sock.
  • too high of a heel, which contributes to squeezing and overloading the forefoot.
  • various diseases of the feet.
  • walking barefoot for a long time
  • excessive sweating of the feet.
  • wearing shoes with firm seams inside or with abrasive surfaces.
  • using over sized socks that form folds.
  • selection of shoe models with thin soles.

How to treat calluses on your own?

For some people, the easiest way to cure a callus is to wait for it to burst, or to cut it yourself. However, it is important to take care of it by  disinfecting the area, otherwise, there is a risk of infection. When deciding how to remove calluses, you need to consider the area and depth of them. For example, a small bump on the little finger can be removed with the callus performance remover tool. Previously, you may need to soften the skin in a hot bath with the addition of various components. However, doctors do not recommend removing corns on their own, since there is always a risk of damaging the skin and introducing an infection, which will create additional problems and complicate treatment. But you can remove your calluses on your own with the help of the callus performance remover tool professionally as well as effectively at your home or gym.

Callus performance tool

Treatment of hard calluses

The primary treatment for dry calluses is to eliminate the cause that led to their occurrence. For example, swap out an uncomfortable pair of shoes for a more comfortable one. Further treatment will be carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Special tools are used to clean the hardened areas of the skin such as the callus performance remover tool.In this case, all precautions are taken so that there is no damage to healthy areas of the skin.
  • Softening calluses by applying special preparations to the problem area. You can use a Callus performance healing slave to soften the hard callus skin as well as for effective healing.
Callus Performance Healing Salve

Treatment of soft calluses.

Most often, such calluses do not need special treatment and are able to heal on their own in three to seven days. A healing ointment such as a callus performance healing slave must be applied to wet corn to avoid re-injury. Do not cut the bladder with fluid, as this can infect the wound. If the wound continues to bleed or get wet, redness appears around the callus, and if the pain persists, then you should seek help from a doctor. It is also worth contacting a specialist even if a new one has formed on the location of an unhealed callus.


It is best to avoid calluses and regularly remove the rough skin of your hands and feet. Treating calluses on your own is easy as well as effective with the help of the callus performance remover tool. This way, you can remove hard callus skin effectively. In case the problem further occurs, you should visit the cosmetology clinic.

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