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calluses on feet for athletes

5 Tips to Treat and Care for Your Calluses on Toes and Heels

You may spend hours of your life trying to buff away the callus on the bottom of your foot that just always seems to grow back. There is no tool or cream available which can necessarily prevent your calluses from developing over and over again. You can only try to reduce the excess pressure and friction on the areas of the feet where they show up.

If you are an athlete, runner, or rower, you will often get calluses on your feet and hands. But there is no need to worry about it, you can get calluses treated professionally at home. Below are five steps you can take to treat calluses and corns on toes and heels.

1. Get your feet professionally measured and fitted for footwear

Most people overlook the option to get their feet properly measured for shoes that fit right. And most women sacrifice their comfort only for style and fashion. You need to consider both the length and width of the footwear. Your aim should be to allow a half-inch of space between your longest toe and shoe, belly.

2. Avoid very pointed toe footwear or high heels

This tip is especially for women who wear whatever looks fashionable. If you don’t want to suffer from discomfort and unpleasant look of your feet and don’t want to suffer from the repeated development of corns and calluses on your feet then you should try to avoid pointed bellies, heels, etc. It is necessary to say no to wearing any footwear that squeezes your toes into a point, or heels that hoist you up.

3. Replace your footwear regularly as they wear down

Have you ever noticed, the favorite pair of shoes that you’ve been wearing every day for months, or maybe even more than a year are able to give you proper foot support or not?  Shoes we wear often lose balance and break down very quickly. Even if they don’t cause you any pain, you need to replace them often if you need to maintain proper foot support.

For example, a pair of tennis shoes used by you for workouts needs to be replaced approximately every six months. Because soles that have been worn out regularly reduce the ability to protect well

4. Use Callus Performance Remover Tool

Athletes often get calluses during training and can’t completely prevent themselves from calluses. But you can treat them professionally on your own. The callus performance remover tool is the best foot callus shaver used to trim the calluses professionally.

If your foot callus has tough to reach edges, then it allows you ease for fine-tuning the callus and shaving it away from dust. You need to just trim the right amount of calluses and continue daily until it smoothens.

5. Use Moisturizer to soften the callused skin

The callus is a hard and thick skin that occurs due to constant friction and pressure. It is necessary to moisturize the callused skin and keep it hydrated. Use callus performance healing salve to moisturize your skin without leaving skin greasy or clogging pores by penetrating into the deeper layers of your skin. The natural and organic ingredients present in it fasten the callus healing process. You should use it at least two times a day ie. after and before the workout.

If none of the above tips seem to work to reduce and treat your calluses on foot then it might just be time to visit a podiatrist or dermatologist. Your podiatrist can understand your situation easily and give you a much more personalized recommendation on what to do.

In addition, you should work on techniques of exercise that will help you reduce the most amount of pressure on your feet and ensure that your body weight is properly balanced and divided across your feet. And, don’t forget to clean up the skin and smooth the skin with the best foot callus remover and apply healing salve to it. For more information regarding callus care, you can ping us freely.

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