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Learn how to care for calluses on your hand and feet with callus performance

How to treat hands and feet Calluses professionally?


Calluses, or skin hyperkeratosis, are areas of thickened and hardened skin that develops when the skin tries to protect itself from friction and pressure. There are several types of calluses that tend to arise on the fingers or toes, and they differ in characteristics and sizes. 

These thickenings can be hard, soft, more or less deep and can depend on various causes, such as rubbing and compression due to tight or unsuitable footwear, or the presence of other pathologies or anatomical conditions of the foot.

When it comes to skin thickening, one of the most frequently asked questions is- but is it corn or a callus?

Define Calluses?

Calluses are thickened areas of skin, generally hard and round in shape, which tends to appear mostly on the upper surface of the toes, forefoot, and back of the heel. Calluses are generally smaller, superficial thickenings that arise on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet.

If Calluses and corns are not treated properly, it could lead to walking and posture problems. They could become inflamed or even torn causing acute pain and related problems disabling daily activities.

There are some precautions you can do-

  • Do not wear uncomfortable or unsuitable footwear for the activities you normally carry out, to avoid compressing some areas of the foot and thus causing painful rubbing,
  • Always wear shoes with socks, to protect the skin,
  • When necessary, for example- After rowing, playing guitar, weight lifting, etc. Always remember to use the Callus performance healing salve for moisturizing the hard callus skin and to heal calluses faster.

What are the common causes of Calluses?

The most common causes of calluses are:

  • Walking or running barefoot
  • Running in tight or loose shoes
  • Continuously rowing
  • Playing Guitar
  • Weightlifting
  • Wearing heels

Are corn and calluses painful?

Usually, corn and calluses may not be painful when they first develop but then they may become painful over time when they develop thick and hard skin. The raised areas of skin– especially calluses – can be tender or hard to touch or pressure.  On the other hand, the raised skin of corn is sensitive to touch.

In short, calluses tend to be less sensitive to touch than the normal skin around it. Sometimes cracks also known as fissures form on a callus skin which can be painful. If you have corn or callus that becomes infected, then you may feel pain or some discomfort due to it.

But don’t worry, you can treat your proud calluses by following simple tips to treat calluses. Here’s a short guide to help you treat your calluses.

How to treat calluses on the feet?

What are the remedies for calluses on the feet and how to treat them? There are several products on the Callus performance website for the treatment, trimming, and relief of pain caused by calluses, such as callus performance healing salve to apply to painful areas, a callus performance remover tool to trim the hardened skin.

Furthermore, performing a foot bath, periodically taking care of your feet through a correct beauty routine, wearing appropriate shoes or supports for the comfort of the feet, can help prevent the formation of calluses.

For the trimming of hard callus skin callus performance remover tool is the best. You can use this tool for callus hand care. However, it depends on the case, it is possible to proceed independently or with the support of a specialist.

You can treat your calluses at home professionally but if you feel the need to consult a professional then you can consult to identify the best solution for your needs. For more information regarding callus hand or foot care, you can contact us freely.

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