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hand calluses during workout and training in the gym

How to treat and Care for Workout calluses?

Whether you are running, climbing, or doing weightlifting, intense physical activities can lead to calluses. For some gym-goers and sports persons, calluses are a sign of their hard workouts. But it is necessary to treat them to avoid infection.  So, let’s discuss what are calluses and how to treat your calluses.

What are Calluses?

Calluses are basically hard, thick, dry, and yellowish in color patches that mostly develop on skin hands, and feet. Calluses can be painful and make you feel uncomfortable as they grow in size and thickness.  Callus form when repetitive action cause pressure and friction. It also happens during regular physical activities such as running, weightlifting, etc.

How Callus Formation differs from one person to another?

Callus formation differs from person to person as well as the activity or action you do often. It depends on:-

  • How often you do the workout, training, etc
  • What kind of activity you do (rock climbing, running, weight lifting)
  • What techniques you use while working out.

Keep in mind that your skin can heal itself by just following below mentioned tips.

Calluses Hand Care During Workout

  • Moisturizing

According to a senior personal trainer, who has been lifting weight for almost eight years- The area of the hand in contact with the bar while training needs to be moisturized regularly. However, you can use any moisturizer consisting of natural and organic ingredients such as Callus performance healing salve. It will help you keep your hard callus skin soft and organic coconut oil, beeswax, etc helps to fasten the healing process.

  • Wear comfortable footwear

To prevent yourself from foot calluses, comfortable shoes are the best prevention. You can also go for supportive footwear as well as shock-absorbing insoles that reduce friction and causes calluses along with the balls of the feet and heels.

Another tip is to wear shoes with socks. It can prevent your calluses from peeling. Because picking or peeling them off can result in tears or cracks in the callused skin, which increases the risk of infection as well as pain.

  • Soak your callus hand or feet in warm water

Soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt at least twice a week for approx 15 to 20 minutes. It will keep your hard callus skin soft as well as hydrated.

  • Gently trim the thick callus skin

After soaking the thick skin, you should use the Callus performance remover tool to trim the hard callus skin.

This tool helps you gently trim the hard callus skin professionally. Remember to not use callus removers that contain salicylic acid because it usually irritates healthy skin and may lead to infection.

Most people peel off their callus skin themself manually through hands, nail cutters, scissors, etc. Using all these is not only risky but can also cause infection. It can be worse, especially if you are suffering from diabetes. Because diabetes reduces healing responses.

How you can avoid or reduce the pain?

There’s plenty you can do to avoid or reduce the pain of calluses. Below mentioned are some best practices you can keep in mind:

  • Keep your nails short 
  • Start short and play longer and longer and adjust your technique to minimize pain. 
  • Adjust the space between the object (bar) so that you don’t have to push down as hard.

Final Words

A callus is a proud symbol of the hard work an athlete or gym-goers do to achieve their goal. You should follow the above-mentioned tips to treat your calluses and fasten the healing process. Use the callus performance remover tool to trim the extra callus skin and then apply callus performance healing salve to heal and moisturize the hard callus skin. In any case, we recommend that you always consult with a doctor in order to identify the best solution for your needs. 

For more information regarding callus treatment, products and benefits, you can contact us freely.

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