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Learn how to treat your foot callus and prevent them from causing you pain. Callus Performance offers great callus care tools

How Runners should Prevent and Treat their Calluses.

Our feet usually need to get the raw end of the deal. Because it is the outer skin that hits the ground on a run. They are often the last thing we think about when preparing for or recovering from hard exercise.

When overworked and underappreciated your feet and hands will start getting calluses. No athlete wants to sideline their running regimen just because of these issues such as painful blisters, calluses, etc. There are various measures you can take to treat your calluses and blisters. 

Below we will discuss how runners can keep their hands and feet happy before, during, and after a workout.

Pre-Run Foot Care

Runners are well aware of pre-workout warm-up exercises such as squats, leg swings, lunges, stretches before diving right into exercise. 

Tip:- You should prime your feet for a run with ‘foot warmups. If you’re experiencing underlying tightness in the sole of your feet then dip your feet in warm water for 15 minutes and then dry them with a towel. It will hydrate your skin. Self-massage of the feet is also an effective way to prepare for a run. It will keep your skin loose. 

Preventing Calluses

Calluses occur due to constant friction. No one likes getting a blister. However, thick patches of calluses are occasionally not painful. It is a form of natural foot armor, undesirable from an aesthetic standpoint.

The best way to prevent Calluses from forming is by reducing that friction as best as you can. For this, you can wear shoes of your fit which are not too tight and not too loose.

To get more protection, you should regularly moisturize your feet with callus performance healing salve after showering to help keep your skin soft and smooth. It will also help in healing your calluses fastly because it includes natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, almond oil, etc.

pre workout calluses care

Post-Workout Care

If you used a massage ball for your foot warmups, also use it for better post-run recovery.  With your hands gently massage each foot from heel to toe. On days when you run longer and put more effort, then ice can do wonders in reducing swelling. Pulling and stretching also help you feel relax.

For post-out recovery, runners also have plenty of options to choose from. After running hours on your feet, it can be a welcome relief to slide and keep off your shoes. Because our feet can get weak from being in shoes the whole day. You can also try an acupressure mat for relief.

Constant practice or hours of running occur friction due to continuous pressure for long on feet which leads to hard calluses. This also happens when you do running on the treadmill at the gym. The gym calluses occurrence is normal but its treatment is necessary to prevent yourself from infection.

Tip- After the workout, you should soak your feet in warm water and dry them with your towel. If your callus skin irritates you then remove its flip from the callus performance remover tool professionally. In this way, you will be able to remove your hard callus skin gently. After that apply callus performance healing salve again to fasten the healing process of the open callus wound.

What to do If your calluses are painful?

If your calluses are painful then also you need to follow the above tips. However, if you find your calluses tough to remove from the callus remover tool yourself then, see a podiatrist. They can shave the callus correctly. Remember to apply healing salve as a softening ointment that can help you heal calluses fastly and properly.

Note:-Never try to shave or cut off your calluses through a nail cutter or manually by hand. Doing so may lead to infection.

Final Word:-

Calluses are normal for many athletes and it is even a proud symbol for them. But protection and care are a must to treat runner’s foot problems. But if your calluses are causing problems, then follow the above tips to treat them.

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