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How to Care for Calluses You get from Gym Workout

Weightlifters, guitar players, bricklayers, and athletes take pride in the work or activities they do with their hands. In between, they usually get calluses on their hands due to high pressure. For these people, calluses are a badge of honor that testify to your continuous efforts. 

Calluses are proof of your hard work and dedication. You should feel proud that your body’s needed to be toughened up with your training. However, treating calluses and caring for them is essential to avoid pain and ripped calluses that can put a stop to your workout.

The initial layer of calluses is a natural part of your body’s response if you do exercise constantly. They play the role of protecting the internal layer of skin from the effect of friction between your skin and the bar as you lift weights. You need to spend just a little time preventing calluses and caring for hands to protect your callus hands from getting out of control. You can take a look at these popular methods mentioned below and try a few to find the ones that work best with your routine.

At the Gym: Prevent Calluses


The way you grip also affects calluses. If your calluses hurt, that's the signal you will experience painful calluses. However, Pain is normal while gripping after developing the initial layer of calluses. You need to work on your gripping technique to prevent yourself from hand calluses while doing pull-ups.

Exercises such as rows, pull-ups, deadlifts, etc pulling motion activities have a technique to grip the bar. You need to grip the bar between your mid palm and the base of your fingers. You should try to place the bar in the crease between your palm and fingers to reduce the chances of calluses. The more distant you hold the bar at gym, the more your skin is folded and pinch you due to friction and form calluses.

Another method or recommendation is to go with a slightly lower grip in the mid-palm. In this way, the pressure of the bar puts over your existing calluses. If you experience pain with this grip you should try another.  It is true that proper gripping techniques can prevent the skin pinching and folding that causes pain and calluses.

At Home: Callus Care for Hands

Gym hand care is necessary to prevent tears and calluses. Follow these steps at home to treat calluses you get at gym while training or intense workout.

  • File down callused areas regularly:- Use a professional tool such as callus performance remover tool for shaving calluses and corns carefully. With this tool, you can easily file away the tough excess skin of your hand or foot calluses. The process of filing excess skin is not painful. When you are done, use a lotion or moisturizer.
  • Soak your hands:- You should soak your hands in warm water to soften your skin. However, you can also add Epsom salt to it. It will help the calluses to remove easily with the callus performance remover tool.
  • Use Callus performance healing Salve:- After removing calluses, it is necessary to apply callus performance healing salve to your hand calluses and foot calluses to fasten the process of healing them. Its natural ingredients work amazingly on callus wounds.

Treat torn calluses ASAP

If your calluses are already torn then you need to cut away dead skin that’s easy to remove by callus performance remover tool. Leaving flaps of the skin increases the chances of tearing them again. If you are suffering from a blister has allowed it to drain and then carefully clean that particular area. Let it dry and apply callus performance healing salve to it.

Final Words

While exercising your hands had continuous contact with the bar. And if you are suffering from torn callus or an open blister makes every rep painful. Whatever method you choose, taking care of your hands before, during, and after a workout to treat calluses is essential for getting continuous training hassle-free.

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