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How To Deal With Weightlifting Calluses?

Lifters generally have calluses on their hands. Sometimes these calluses make gripping onto the barbell difficult. It can also be ripped off when you lift something heavy through different movements. However, it generally happens when calluses are left untreated. That’s why it’s necessary to grip effectively with the right technique and don’t leave your calluses untreated.

So, What can you do to deal with gym calluses from lifting weights? You can deal with gym calluses by using two basic things that every athlete does. Before lifting, it’s recommended that you use the callus performance remover tool to remove/trim the calluses and apply the callus performance healing salve to soften the area after.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how calluses occur, why it is important to manage calluses, and what you can do to deal with calluses while training and outside the gym.

How Do Calluses Occur?

Calluses generally occur on hands and feet when friction occurs due to repetitively gripping an object. Calluses are made of hard and thick skin that’s been rubbed constantly with high pressure.

Hard callus skin is an extra layer of dead skin formed on the outer layer of the skin. It is necessary to treat it otherwise it can lead to painful calluses that can rip or even turn into a blister.

Weightlifters grip barbells tightly which may lead to callus formation on their palms. However, callus occurrence takes time but as soon as you notice you should treat it frequently. Calluses are an unwanted side effect of lifting weights.

Why Should You Manage Gym Calluses?

Calluses occur slightly differently in different people. Because people have different size hands and fingers, as well as different ways and techniques of holding onto barbells. Some lifters believe in managing calluses and others not but it can cause such problems:-

● Callus may rip off completely and bleed
● Callus may be digging in too hard causing pain

If you are suffering from torn callus, you will be stopped by the gym owner or your coach due to health and safety issues. It will take more than a week to recover torn or ripped callus hands properly.

Tips To Deal With Weightlifting Calluses

1. Use a callus performance remover tool
2.  Apply Moisturizing Lotions or callus performance healing salve
3. Use the proper gripping technique

Use a callus performance remover tool

A callus performance remover tool is a small tool that is used by athletes to remove skin cells from their feet or hands with extra, hard, irritating callus skin. It is used to soften calluses and roughened skin caused by repeated friction from weightlifting bars or heavy objects like rocks, dumbbells, rowing oars, etc. The process of using the callus performance remover tool involves rubbing it over your skin in gentle circular and back/forth motions.

Apply Moisturizing Lotions or callus performance healing salve

Using skin moisturizing lotions and callus performance healing salve are good options for post-workout hand care for managing excessive callus on your skin. Its natural ingredients keep your callus skin softer and smoother. Before applying it, wash your hands with soap and warm water and apply it after drying your hands.

Use the proper gripping technique

It’s necessary to use a proper gripping technique to prevent your hands from ripped calluses. You can get the proper training of holding the bar with the right technique from your trainer.

What Are There Benefits To Having Calluses On Your Hands From Lifting Weights?

If you are a weightlifter, you may need to have some amount of callus on your hands. Benefits of it are:

● Calluses protect your inner sensitive layer of skin from being damaged
● Provides flexibility from pain from gripping heavy weights
● Helps in gripping harder and lifting more

Final words

Callused hands are the proud symbol for athletes and weightlifters. But it’s necessary to treat callus time before it becomes blisters. Above mentioned are some basic and useful tips you should follow to deal with your gym callus hands.

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