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How to Protect Callus Hands and Blisters You Get From the Gym?

Weight lifting, rowing, and other workouts require lots of lifting and gripping. However, they'll probably give you toned thighs and defined triceps. But they often come with another pretty prize: Calluses and blisters. Hand blisters and calluses are very common in the athlete’s community. You may have heard this slogan- Rough hands, smooth ass. But it doesn't mean everyone's fine with it. 

The strongest weight lifters and sports persons are aware and conscious to take care of their hands and feet. If you have a blister or callus, you will not be able to do exercises and grip.

What are Blisters and Calluses?

A blister is a fluid-filled skin that may cause pain. On the other hand, callus is painless hardened skin. Calluses protect skin from blisters. Calluses become blisters if you do not remove calluses from the callus performance remover tool the friction and pressure further lead to blisters under the callus.

 However, it may be not possible to never get them but you can do gym hand care to minimize how often blisters crop up.

How do people prevent calluses and blisters?

You can prevent your calluses and blisters themselves to some extent. Below mentioned are various expert tips that will be helpful for you to prevent yourself from calluses as well as blisters. 

1. Stop holding on for dear life

Hold the rower or bar according to your tendency. Over gripping may result in calluses. And continuous friction on skin may lead to blisters. Therefore it’s important to relax your fingers. In addition, your gripping technique should be proper.

2. Leave your hand rings in your locker (or at home)

Wearing rings can pinch the skin while you grab a bar. It may lead to blistering and your jewelry can also be scratched. Therefore while dancing, weightlifting, running, etc remove all jewelry from your body.

3. Keep your hands and feet clean and soft

It’s necessary to keep your hands and feet clean while doing a workout to prevent your hands from infection.  In addition, make sure that your equipment is also well sanitized and clean.  

If you are suffering from calluses, soak your hands in warm water to soften your hard callus skin. Do follow it every night like a beauty regimen because it will keep your hands hydrated.

4. Use a protective balm

A protective balm can protect your callus hands and feet from forming blisters. Callus performance healing salve as a protective balm has natural ingredients that are helpful in healing already ripped, dry or cracked skin. Moreover, using it helps you speed up your callus or blister recovery process.

5. Work On Your Gripping Technique

To protect yourself from calluses and blisters, it’s important to work on your gripping techniques. If you grip correctly, there are likely fewer chances of occurring calluses as it will balance the pressure. Therefore, it’s necessary to firstly work on the right gripping techniques to save your hands from calluses and blisters.

 Final words

Calluses are a badge of honor for the athletes and rowers. As it shows their hard work. But ignoring callus hands may lead to painful blisters and serious infection. However, it is easy to protect your hands from blisters by following the right gripping technique. In addition, if you are suffering from calluses, use the callus performance remover tool to grid the extra irritating hard skin and just apply callus performance healing salve to it for fast healing.

Following all of the above-mentioned tips and keeping them into practice may not let you in a situation to take a break from your workout to treat calluses. 

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