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6 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Calluses on Your Feet

Calluses are proud symbols for runners, athletes, weight lifters, etc. For others, it may be unpleasant, and they feel like it is sneaking up on you. One week, your feet feel fine and the next, it’s like they are covered with dry uncomfortable puff things. 

Why do calluses happen, and how should you prevent them? Below mentioned are five reasons why calluses happen, along with foot care instructions on how to prevent calluses from forming in the first place.

1. Dry feet- Need to Moisturize

Let’s start off by first understanding what is calluses for understanding how they form. Harvard Health states that callus is a hard layer of dead skin in a yellowish color which may cause pain. Moreover, you may feel discomfort while walking and feel difficulty grasping objects.

Calluses are natural dead layers of skin that have been subjected to lots of pressure and friction. In most cases, the outer layer of skin where calluses formed shed naturally.  Our body shed 0.03 gram- 0.09 gram of skin in an hour regularly. However, the body’s normal mechanism for shedding skin interferes with the callus because cells formed under a callus adapt to friction and grow in a compact formation. The small size and compactness of the cells make them tougher where normal friction and air exposure won’t rub them. As a result, the build-up of dead skin cells may feel hard and dried.

Providing feet with moisture — meaning lotion, oil, or callus performance healing salve  allows your body to shed skin cells like normally. With extra moisture, the small skin cells within a callus loosen up and keep skin soft and hydrated. 

2. Wear Sandals most of the time

When it comes to why calluses form, the one culprit is sandals or shoes.  Due to some open-toed shoes and flip flops, feet slide around and create friction due to which dead skin buildup.

Another issue with sandals is that due to exposure to the open air,  your feet’ skin gets dry. While sweaty feet are also a problem. When you wear shoes and socks, due to sweating callus can occur. Allow your body enough moisture to prevent calluses caused by normal walking. There are various exceptions because the shoes you wear can also cause calluses.

 Wear what you want but don’t forget to moisturize your feet. If you are suffering from calluses, use the callus performance remover tool and grid the extra callus hard skin. Also, give your feet a break from sandals and put them in a good pair of cotton socks especially, if you are going to be walking, hiking, or playing a lot that day.

3. If Your Shoes Don’t Fit Right

Small size or uncomfortable shape of shoes constrict your feet and cause friction and pressure due to which calluses develop.  On the other hand, loose shoes do the same because they move around enough and generate unwanted friction which leads to calluses.

Make sure your shoes are sized correctly and take a break from heels if it causes your toes to pinch. You can use comfortable, and supportive tennis shoes or ankled boots so that you can get the ample support you need to avoid developing skin conditions.

4. You Aren’t Regularly Exfoliating

We all have different types of skin. Most of the skin shed naturally and some need help to shed naturally. Especially in the areas where our body gets lots of wear and tear. However, lots of people have trouble treating calluses. You can read and follow the Ultimate guide to treat calluses of feet.  If you’ve got a serious case of calluses,  firstly soak them in water having  Epsom salt for few minutes to soften the hard callused skin, and then apply callus performance healing slave on it to hydrate or moisturize it.

5. Having Routine That’s Rough on Your Feet

There are lots of situations that can lead to calluses ie. too much cycling, dancing, labor work of weight lifting, driving for miles every day, sitting too much by putting pressure on feet, etc.  If you are giving your feet a reason to form a layer of calluses then give them special attention beyond the above care recommendations. 

6. Running for a long period continuously

Not only running but various exercises and sports activities done for a long period of time can cause calluses. It may be due to improper techniques and body balancing. You should follow proper techniques to prevent yourself from calluses.

Final Words

Calluses occur due to various reasons on both feet and hands. Although calluses prevent our inner skin they can increase infection, pain, and irritation in even daily routine activities. You should work on the reason for occurring calluses to avoid getting calluses.

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