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How to Get Rid of Calluses on your Feet – The Ultimate Guide

A lot of people may find it strange that calluses develop on the Feet as it is mainly known to be on toes or fingers. So, what are calluses? Calluses are hardened areas on the skin that is caused by pressure or friction being placed on the area.

It is a combination of dead skin cells that form a high-rise area on the skin. A lot of calluses developed by people are usually through rigorous exercising and more.  But, in reality, they do grow on the feet over some time, especially after pressure or friction is constantly placed on the area.

Most people tend to sit with their legs crossed, most times at the feet, without realizing there is a force being placed on the area. Because the feet will constantly be rubbing against each other or other objects, the area will become tender, thus, forming the calluses.

Why do you need to treat Feet callus?

At times, people overlook calluses as nothing major and leave it to get better on its own. However, that is not always the case, and it requires close attention and proper treatment and care.

The question is asked numerous times about why people need to treat calluses that develop on the foot. But, it is important to avoid further health issues from developing. In addition to avoiding the annoying feeling the callus will cause your feet to undergo, you will want to limit the possibilities of it becoming inflamed, infected, or ulcerated.

Should you not attend to it and it becomes ulcerated, you risk the chances of serious health implications if not disinfected or cleaned properly. Untreated calluses on the foot will also impact your walking and natural movement negatively.

Tips for treating calluses on your Feet

Treating your feet calluses can be done in many different forms, and it is imminent to provide you with comfort and good health. Even though the process of treating your feet calluses is similar to those on your hands and toes, there are added ways to treat feet calluses effectively:

1. Soak the callus nightly

Soaking always does well when it comes to treating your calluses, and those on your feet are no different. Each night before going to bed, mix a bucket of warm water and baking soda and let your feet soak for a while.

The baking soda contains elements that are effective in removing dead skin cells. It works by breaking down the dead tissues and making it easy to remove with a brush or scrub.

However, you should ensure not to keep your feet in for too long as the baking soda has the potential to dry out your foot while the excessive moisture can cause fungal infection. During the soaking process, you can use a soft cloth to help remove the buildup of dead skin cells being broken down.

2. Feet examined and wear comfort shoes

You should get your feet examined and have your doctor recommend the best footwear to help reduce the chances of developing calluses. A lot of times, the calluses form as a result of people not wearing the proper shoes, and this may lead to it developing blisters and other issues.

Also, you need to be mindful of your feet structure to know the best shoes to choose as curvy feet will not do well with shoes designed for straight or flat feet. Take note, not only athletes get foot calluses, and as such, if you do a job that requires you to be on your feet a lot, you may want to have the right footwear.

3. Apply moisturizer

After getting your feet soaked for the night or probably washed and dried, you will need to add a little extra foot care in the form of a moisturizer. When your feet become too dry, it stands the chance of becoming cracked or torn, which can lead to further problems.

After removing the excessive dead skin, you can use a nutrient-rich moisturizer to help your skin repair and return to normal. The cream or moisturizer will help to soothe the skin and soften the hardened area. If you are unsure of the best cream to use, you can use our Callus Healing Salve which contains coconut oil, tea tree oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter.

4. Wear cushion

We all know what a cushion does. They are great for getting rid of calluses on your feet as each time you wear a cushion, it helps to protect your feet against pressure or friction. It creates a barrier for your feet against any hard areas that cause further problems for the calls.

The strain on your feet will be eased as the cushion will absorb the pressure and prevent further growth of the callus or even any new ones from forming. After all, it can take a while for calluses to heal fully, so in the process, you want to ensure the treatment is working and not being hampered by the causing effects.

5. Apply baking soda paste

Baking soda is known for its great health benefits to include the treatment of corns and calluses. In addition to soaking your feet in baking soda and warm water, you can also make a paste that you apply to the calluses for treatment.

So, how does one make the paste? You need to add two tablespoons of water to some baking soda to make a paste (not too thin or thick) then add about 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Once the mixture is complete, you should add it to the callused area and leave it on for a while. You can add a sock or a clean piece of cloth over the area. Do this continually each night until the calluses are removed.

6.  Callus remover

The callus remover is another great way of getting rid of calluses on your feet. When they are overgrown and not treated, there is a chance of them getting ripped or torn, and this will only make matters worse. Not only will it be unsightly, but it will also cause more problems like potentially developing infections or lead to other health complications.

When they grow too high, they make life uncomfortable, so the feet callus remover gently shaves the hard area from the callus for you to move around comfortably. It would be great to use the product when your feet have just been soaked.

7.  Callus healing salve

Treating your calluses is not as hard as it seems as with the right approach, you will be back to normal before you know. In addition to all the tips noted above, you can also use the callus performance healing salve to help you treat them.

The salve is made of healing properties like Shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and much more. It helps to repair the damaged area where the calluses were so your feet will be back to normal.


Treating your feet calluses has just been made easier with the highlighted tips and products noted above. We are confident your calluses can be treated with the right approach.

The tips are effective and will help you to feel confident the next time you step out for work, school, the gym, or even a day out.

They are naturally formed, but mainly friction or immense pressure is applied to the area. Live callus free by treating your calluses on time and regularly.
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