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Managing Callus on feet

How You Can Get Off Your Feet Calluses?

Calluses are a common hand and feet condition considered as a natural reaction of the skin in an effort to protect the deeper layers and sensitive skin from continuous pressure or friction. To protect the skin, it creates a hard spot, where the keratin layer thickens, at the point of constant friction and pressure. The hardcore, the so-called callus root that reaches the deeper layers of the skin, causes pain, discomfort, and swelling in the surrounding area.

Calluses appear both on the sole and the joints due to which walking becomes quite painful. Reasons due to which calluses occur can be inappropriate footwear, vibrations while walking, standing inappropriately, weightlifting with improper technique, etc.

There are various facts you should know about the causes, signs, and treatment of this common foot condition:

  • In medical terms, calluses are known as Keratoma and tyloma.
  • Most calluses are painless. But when left untreated, it can cause discomfort in walking, standing, or even in wearing shoes.
  • Calluses look like thick dead skin with yellow and red color.
  • There is one cause of calluses i.e.. friction. Calluses simply develop when our skin rubs against the bar, shoe, etc. over a long period of time is called calluses. It usually happens due to running many miles, exercising for long, improper footwear, the wrong technique of gym activity with pressure.

As we discussed above that callus can develop anywhere in the body.  People often get calluses on their feet especially in areas that bear weight, such as the sole, heel, and the ball.

Athletes, runners, and rowers often get calluses on their hands and feet. People who suffer from diabetes are, particularly at risk. Removing calluses at home with a nail cutter, scissor, cutter can result in painful infections. It should be done professionally. You can grid your calluses with the callus performance remover tool professionally. If you face any problem, your podiatrist is a medical expert and helps you in the most appropriate way.

In addition, callus removal is a simple in-office procedure, athletes often use callus performance remover tool for removing extra callus hard skin, and because there are no nerve endings in the dead skin of your callus.

Steps to protect yourself from the Calluses

There are some steps you can take to protect your feet from the appearance of calluses.

Correct choice of shoes

- Shoes should be comfortable and perfectly fit the shape of the foot. If it is for women, they should have low and wide heels that distribute the weight properly. There must also be the necessary space (height and width) inside the shoe so that the foot can fit.

- Avoid wearing the same shoes for consecutive days, as they should dry from sweat before wearing them again. It is also important to wear clean cotton socks with closed shoes so that the skin breathes properly.

Treat & moisturize your foot area daily

  1. Daily treatment of the feet and hand care calluses are essential. An intensive callus performance healing salve can enhance the natural exfoliation process and restore the skin's elasticity which helps to prevent the formation of calluses. You can use it as a moisturizer to remove and heal calluses.
  2. Remove the callus with a callus performance remover tool but not with a razor or other sharp object. Razor removal can make the callus appear strengthened after a while or you could also remove too much of the callus leaving you without protection and potentially cutting your palm. The same problem can occur with laser callus removal. 
  3. Prevention and proper treatment play an important role in the effective treatment of calluses. If the calluses persist, consult a podiatrist-podiatrist.
  4. The specialist will keep the lower extremities in good condition, will keep them hydrated, and will take special care of the skin in the places where there is a predisposition to create it.


Callus is a normal occurrence of thick hard skin that develops that can be treated through proper care as well as use callus performance remover tool to remove the extra hard callus skin and callus performance healing salve for healing your hands fast as well as effectively. For more information, regarding calluses, you can contact us freely.

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