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Prevent Your Calluses from hurting while Doing Pull-Ups

Do your calluses hurt while doing pull-ups or other workouts? Calluses are considered as a badge of honor for trainers and athletes. We generally expect lots of changes in our body by working out and changing our lifestyle such as building muscles, reducing body fat, getting stronger.

How Calluses Form while doing Pull-ups?

Calluses typically form on the crease of your fingers on the hand where high pressure it's placed And for extra callus skin that irritates you, use callus remover tool. Moreover, calluses are not harmful, and it actually helps you protect your hands. As we discussed above, calluses hurt while doing a workout like pull-ups, Olympic lifts, and deadlifts. So, what should you do?

When you grab a pull-up bar with the palm of your hand and apply weight, the friction will increase towards fingers and you calluses gradually crushed by the bar. To prevent this, grab the bar with a callused part of the hand and the friction will pull towards the middle of the fingers.

Tips to prevent your calluses from hurting while doing Pull-ups

Grip the Bar Correctly

Calluses are actually a good thing when we consider lifting heavy weights. Nevertheless, they can also stop you from doing exercises such as pull-ups. You may know many people that are capable of 10-15 pull-ups in a row have to give up some time in just 7 rep simply because their calluses are hurting too much.

● Program to Increase Pull-Ups The easiest way to stop your calluses from hurting while doing pull-ups is to grip the bar correctly. Generally, there are actually two different types of the hand grip. The first is used for pushing exercises, whereas the other is used for pulling. However, most of us manage to grab a bar, pull up or barbell, we call it to push hand grip. In this, you grab the pullup bar with the hand’s middle palm. But when you apply pressure while hanging from the pull-up position, then friction automatically pull towards fingers. Therefore when you do pull-ups your calluses get crushed against the bar that’s why you perform fewer reps and decide that you can’t continue because your calluses hurt.

● Hold the Bar With a “Pull Grip” Yes, if you grip the bar with the “pull grip” technique this would not happen. And the best way to describe it is to place your callused area of hands-on the bar. Then when you hang and apply friction, this friction will pull towards your fingers but you will find that the bottom part of fingers where pressure it's applied is above your hand calluses. This is the correct gripping technique for all pull-based workouts. Read More:- How to Care for Calluses You get from Gym Workout

Don’t Wear Gloves

People assume that wearing gloves is right to prevent yourself from calluses but it is not true. Because calluses are a natural part of doing pull-ups, lifting, etc. Moreover, wearing gloves will always add some thickness to the bar, which will make gripping more difficult. In fact, you may never apply your true potential with pull-ups because of grip issues.

Perform Callus Maintenance

The main problems with calluses are if they become too big and rip while doing pull-ups. Remember, ripping calluses is not fun or a sign of honor. Sometimes its painful and absolutely sucks. It’s like constant pain, and gripping the bar to do pull-ups becomes impossible. You can only work with lower body and pushing exercises for the days until calluses heal. However, maintenance of calluses is important so that it does not hurt you. You should follow the below-mentioned steps to care for your callused hands:

callus remover tool and healing salve

● Now, you can remove the extra callus skin with the callus performance remover tool professionally. Believe it or not, callus performance remover is a great tool for athletes.

● Use callus performance healing salve to keep your skin hydrated and to fasten the healing process. It also works as a moisturizer.


Calluses aren’t a bad thing, and not harmful. The calluses literally build up and thicken your skin especially when it comes to heavier lifting. So, if your hands are already callused, they are protected. In a gym environment, having calluses means that you can perform more pull-ups, lift heavier, etc. you can easily take care of your calluses through the above-mentioned tips.

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