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Gym training and weight training callus prevention and management

Trainer Q&A: How to Manage Calluses?

Do you have questions in mind regarding calluses? On this blog, we will share with you most frequent asked questions by people and answered by trainers. So read on carefully to get to the bottom of why calluses form on your hands and feet and how to manage them properly.

Why do I get calluses on my hands and feet from working out?

Calluses can occur anywhere on the body due to constant pressure or abrasion. The soles of the feet and the palms of the hands are affected by calluses when continuous friction and pressure occur on the hands and feet.  For instance, if you are doing a workout or lifting heavy weight continuously then there are more chances to get gym hands because your bare hands rub with the bar constantly due to heavyweight and pressure friction which leads to calluses. However, it’s completely normal to develop calluses because they protect the internal skin layer.

Does wearing gloves help prevent calluses from forming?

If you’re working out hard enough at the gym to accomplish your goals then you may get callused hands. Some people do work out wearing gloves. But they may prove as an impediment in the effective formation of calluses. So they shouldn’t be used while working out. Because gloves are also a problem as it has an unstable layer of material between your weight load and grip.

How can calluses be managed?

During deadlift or pull-ups, a thick callus may occur on the hands and become a problem in a workout. Because it can result in wounds on the hand and feet which may interfere in your training before healing. Therefore, you need to manage calluses as soon as possible to prevent them from infection. The most common way to manage calluses is by filing calluses with the callus performance remover tool. Once or twice a week, hard training athletes trim their calluses with a professional callus performance remover tool to manage them.

callus performance

What do I do when ripping or tearing calluses?

When callus tears, it has to be trimmed back. And you need to keep it covered until it fills back in.  However, this process of healing calluses usually takes at least two weeks. That’s why you should use callus performance healing salve to fasten the healing process of calluses. It consists of various natural ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax, etc... which are helpful in moisturizing the hard callus skin and treating it.

What to do with Calluses?

If you are an athlete, you should not ignore your calluses. It is necessary to treat your calluses not only to prevent yourself from infection but also to continue your training. However, calluses occurrence is normal and people consider it as a proud symbol of the hard work and efforts they are doing to achieve their goal. But ignoring calluses of your hands and feet can increase the problem and lead to bleeding and painful calluses. So, never leave them untreated. You need to follow some basic tips for treating your hands and feet calluses.

  • Soak your callus hands and feet in warm water for 20 minutes. Also, you can add Epsom salt to it too.
  • Use proper gripping technique while weightlifting. It will balance the weight and reduce the chance of occurring calluses on your hands and feet.
  • Use the callus performance remover tool to trim your hard and irritating calluses.
  • Also, use moisturizer or callus performance healing salve to treat it. Apply it at least twice a day after washing hands or on clean hands.
hand healing salve - callus performance


Calluses occur normally due to constant pressure and friction while working out. However, they occur generally on bare hands and feet due to weightlifting, deadlift, dancing, rowing, and playing instruments constantly. The above-mentioned are general questions that may come up in your mind regarding calluses and help you set back to your training. Follow these tips to treat calluses and for more information, contact us freely.

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