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Can Calluses Be Treated and Other Commonly Asked Questions

Calluses generally appear on hands and feet where high pressure occurs while doing hard work such as weight lifting, rowing, etc. There are many different reasons for calluses’ occurrence. Calluses may occur due to improper shoe size making it tight, improper workout grip technique, etc. But there is no need to panic because calluses are very common and easy to trim and remove. You may have various questions in mind regarding calluses, including how to fix them for gorgeously soft soles.

The most common questions asked by people who usually suffer from Calluses are:-

Can I remove calluses at home?

Yes, calluses can be removed professionally at home easily with callus performance remover tool. But if you are suffering from any underlying medical condition such as obesity, diabetes, etc then you should also consult your doctor to prevent yourself from any risk.

Will calluses go away?

Yes, if you stop doing whatever the activity you do causing repeated friction, and pressure then the skin will eventually soften. However, if you are going to stop walk then your calluses must go away. But you can’t stop walking if it is necessary so most people need to treat their calluses with the help of a callus remover tool to trim or remove the hard callus skin.

Why are my calluses yellow?

There’s no need to worry about the yellow calluses. However, it’s an unappealing part of a callus which can be of yellow, slight orange, and sometimes brown. There is no need to worry about a build-up of hard skin but if your calluses are yellow then it indicates an underlying health condition. It generally occurs on feet but you can also notice them on other parts of the body rarely.

Is it a callus or corn – how do I know?

The callus is a hard thick skin that may feel thick, tough, and rough. Calluses are wider, bigger than corns, and appear where skin rubs against the hard material like the footpads and heels. On the other hand, corns are smaller and circular in shape having a hard and soft rubbery texture. However, athletes get corns around bony areas of the feet which may appear between the toes, and in most areas of skin.

Are calluses painful?

Calluses are usually not painful. However, if your calluses dry then they may crack. For example- When your heel cracks, it can be painful and even bleed.

Are calluses dangerous?

Calluses are not dangerous. Even they are considered as a proud symbol by athletes. But it does not mean that you don’t need treatment. If you ignore your calluses then there are chances that your gym hand calluses crack or rip and bleed which may lead to infection. As hand calluses generally occur while rock climbing.

How can I treat calluses?

Calluses are made up of hard and thick dry skin, so for treating your calluses you need to treat them by rehydrating the skin. You should soak your hands in warm water regularly to soften your hard callus skin.Also, use a rich moisturizer or callus performance healing salve which contains natural ingredients to fasten the process of healing your hand and feet calluses. Remember to apply this healing salve at least 2 – 3 times a day. You should also remove hard callused skin gently with a callus performance remover tool.

Can I stop calluses from coming back?

It depends on where your calluses occur in the first place. For instance, if you got calluses on your hands from playing an instrument such as guitar. You can simply stop playing guitar. But it’s not a practical solution. So you can follow some tips to treat your calluses.

Final words:-

It is essential to treat your hand calluses to prevent infection. You can treat your calluses at home by just following some tips which include soaking your hands, use of moisturizer or healing salve, and working on different grip techniques. For more information regarding calluses, you can contact us freely.

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