Callus Performance Healing Salve 3 Pack

Callus Performance Healing Salve 3 Pack


Treat Rips, Tears, Blisters, & Cracked Skin

Take advantage of our 2 Pack Healing Salve to treat rips, tears, blisters, & cracked Skin made with all-natural organic ingredients. If you are experiencing ripped, dry or cracked skin let us help you speed up the callus recovery process with Callus Performance Healing Salve.

• Intense workout hands
• Rips, tears, cracks on hands or feet
• Calluses/Torn calluses
• Blisters
• Scrapes 
• Rope burns
• Chapped Lips
• Nose when suffering from a cold
• Hands dry from the frigid winter air
• Eczema
• Pretty much any skin irritation you have will benefit from this salve


Each all-natural ingredient is specifically chosen for callus, rips, tears, and blisters healing. Here are the benefits of each ingredient:

Shea butter

  • Speeds up healing and reduces scarring by boosting collagen production with powerful antioxidants
  • Protects your cuts with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties from catechins
  • Reduces inflammation, irritation, and redness with phytosterols and cinnamic acid
  • Moisturizes without leaving skin greasy or clogging pores by penetrating into the deeper layers of your skin
  • Provides a protective barrier and softens skin
  • Fights free radicals caused by environmental factors with antioxidant vitamins A and E
  • Wards off UV exposure of SPF 6 with phytosterols


Organic Beeswax

  • Forms a protective barrier that helps protect it from environmental assaults
  • Holds in moisture and reduces dryness of skin

  • Attracts water molecules and helps keep the skin hydrated and soft

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, keeping the skin clean with antibacterial properties


Organic Coconut oil

  • Fights off bacteria with lauric and capric acid

  • Eases inflammation with antioxidants

  • Speeds healing by increasing collagen production with high antioxidant levels


Almond oil

  • Moisturizes and helps cure eczema and psoriasis

  • Easily absorbs into the skin

  • Soothes rough skin with zinc

  • Protects skin from UV radiation with SPF 5 from vitamin E

  • Cleans out dirt and oil from pores with vitamin A

  • Soothes irritation and relaxes the skin


Organic Vitamin E

  • Reduce scars by regenerating new skin cells

  • Reverses signs of aging

  • Restores lost moisture in dry and damaged skin 

  • Absorbs UVB light keeping skin from burning in sun


Organic Lavender

  • Protects cuts with antifungal properties

  • Speeds wound healing by promoting the healing of skin tissue

  • Reduces redness and irritation

  • Relieves pain with numbing effects to help soothe skin

  • Reduces inflammation with beta-caryophyllene


Organic Tea Tree

  • Heals wounds with antibacterial properties

  • Relieves the discomfort of itchy skin

  • Soothes and relieves painful or irritated skin with anti-inflammatory properties


Organic Frankincense

  • Promotes cell and tissue regeneration

  • Works to destroy harmful germs and bacteria upon contact

  • Adds elasticity to the skin

  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of scars


Organic Geranium

  • Heals cuts and wounds with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

  • Tones up the skin which reduces wrinkling and stretch marks

Each stick (5.5ml).