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7 Quick Ways To Get Rid of Foot Calluses and Corns

At some point in your life, you may notice there is a small area on your toe or probably the side of your feet and might be wondering what it is. There is a high chance it could be corn or a callus that has been formed due to various actions you have practiced over time.

But what are corn and calluses? These are hardened areas on the skin where dead skin cells have been piled up to build a protective barrier between your skin and an area that is causing friction. For a fact, they can look quite unsightly and usually develop on the toes or the side of the feet and fingers.

They typically build up on the feet due to immense friction or pressure placed on the feet, whether through badly-fitted shoes or poor walking/running/standing posture.

Top 7 quick ways to get rid of foot calluses and corns

There are numerous ways you can choose to reduce or get rid of foot calluses and corns that may have formed on your feet. They are simple tips that do not take too much effort and can be done without you even realizing they are being done. Also, these tips to help you get rid of calluses and corns on your feet are all-natural options that have been proven to be successful. Here are a few callus-removing foot treatment tips.

1. Apply pineapple peel

There are so many things around the home that you tend to throw out like the peel from your fruits and vegetables, and you often wonder if they could serve any other purpose. Well, the next time you peel a pineapple, you may want to keep them instead of throwing them away as trash. Interestingly, pineapple peels can be used to treat calluses on your feet (place the flesh side on the callus.)

The enzymes contained in the pineapple peel will help to soften the corns and calluses and make it easier to be trimmed or shaved with a pumice stone or callus remover tool. Who knew pineapples could serve so many purposes from satisfying your taste buds to getting your feet comfortable for those summer footwear.

2. Use aloe vera gel

Aloe vera contains many health benefits, and some of you may not have known it is effective in treating and getting rid of calluses and corns. The aloe vera leaf can be placed on the area to help soothe and moisturize the callus to make it easy to trim or shave. Also, many corns and calluses, when left untreated, tend to become ripped and cause blisters or wounds. The healing element in the aloe gel has benefits in healing wounds and helping to repair any underlying damages. Use the aloe, get the plant, slice it, add it flesh-side down on the area, and apply a bandage to hold it in place. Leave it on overnight, and you will wake up to a soft callus that you can easily trim and shave.

3. DIY corns and callus pads

There are many corns and callus pads on the market used to treat the ones on your feet. However, who said you are not able to make your own? Get some aspirin tablets (crush them), a few teaspoons of water and lemon juice, and a paste. Apply the paste to the corn and callus, add a bandage for coverage and protection, raise your legs, and leave it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing it. Once cleaned, you will notice the corns and calluses are softened and easy to file to the desired level. However, keep in mind that if you are allergic to aspirin, you should altogether avoid this tip.

4. Apply Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the oldest methods that have proven effective in helping you get rid of calluses and corns. Apply some castor oil to the surface, add a covering, and repeat this process a few days per week. After a while, you will notice the calluses and corns have softened and become easy to file down. Also, doing for a week will result in the skin becoming smooth and soft. Castor oil is also said to have healing properties that are good in helping should the corns become torn or ripped.

5. Corn Removal

Vinegar is a powerful element when it comes to removing corn from your feet. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits to include antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. Soak a bandage and apply it to the affected area and leave on the surface for a few days. This will help to soften the hardened area and make it easy for you to handle the corns and calluses. Another way to use vinegar is by adding a few teaspoons to warm water and letting your feet soak. Once done, you can rub the corn with emery cloth or file it.

6.  Callus remover

Callus Performance, callus remover tool, is useful in helping you shave down your calluses and corns to a level that will make you comfortable on your feet. It is a small tool that you can use anywhere and at any time as it gently removes the excess hardened skin without damaging any underlying tissues. It has been proven to be efficient and will save you a lot from going to a podiatrist. After all, you would not want your calluses to be overgrown and lead to tears and rips, and the callus remover helps prevent this from happening.

7.  Callus healing salve

Use the Callus Performance callus healing salve to help you treat your foot calluses, whether they are torn or have formed blisters. The healing balm contains many ingredients that can help your feet repair itself and return to normal. With ingredients like shea butter, tea tree oil, and coconut oil, you know the salve will promote self-healing.


Calluses on the hands can be a whole lot, but when they form on the feet, that seems like a different story all together. Using these natural tips and solutions will help you get rid of calluses and corns on your feet and treat and repair them should they become ripped or bruised. However, if you are allergic to any of the items noted above, ensure you avoid and select another method. You do not have to break the bank to get rid of your calluses as these tips utilize items already found around the home.

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