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Callus Care

Some Fundamental Foot or Hand Care tips for Winter

Winters requires special attention to your feet and hands. Especially during workouts, rock climbing, rowing, etc. There is only one recommendation: moisturize and heal the skin of your feet well with a callus performance healing salve or moisturizer that includes shea butter, organic beeswax, coconut oil, organic oil, Vitamin E, etc.

As long as there is a crack on the feet avoid using flats. You can opt for closed and proper size shoes. Calluses occur due to continuous friction and pressure on the skin. You need to focus on the treatment of calluses that require proper care. 

Some tips to take care of your feet and hands in winter: 

  • Avoid wearing tight shoes.
  • Shoes should be comfortable throughout the day, so try them on in the late afternoon, when feet are usually more swollen.
  • Wear cotton socks
  • File the calluses at least once a week. Do not cut corns or calluses. Use the callus performance remover tool to file the calluses professionally.
  • If you have been standing for a long time or have walked a lot then use proper foot moisturizer daily. You can apply callus performance healing salve to heal the callus area faster. After applying it put on socks to sleep.
  • If you have a problem with your feet, consult a podiatrist

Some examples of remedies and healing salve that can be used to remove and prevent corns and calluses are:

Winter has arrived and, along with it, the need for special body care. Low temperatures damage the skin, especially on the extremities of the body, such as the feet and fingers. According to the podiatrist some common questions people generally ask regarding hand and foot calluses:

1– What are the main foot cares at this time of year?

A: Daily hydration is essential! Wearing comfortable shoes is also a very important preventive attitude, as they prevent the nails from sticking together (onycholysis), their engrossment (onychocryptosis), and the formation of corns and calluses, which occur as a result of the constant pressure of the shoes on these areas.

2– How should corns be treated?

A: Corns are formed due to pressure at the site. Hip training keratosis (thickening of the skin) is intended to protect the affected site. The callus will only regress and disappear if the mechanical agent is avoided. In this case, the shoes. In the case of the elderly, there is the formation of plantar calluses due to the lack of fat (fat pads), a consequence of age. A comfort insole is welcome in this case.

3 – What are the most suitable moisturizers that help to fasten the treatment of calluses in winter?

A: A high hydration cream is indicated for this season. I recommend those that contain aloe vera, anti-inflammatory, revitalizing, restorative, healing, and antiseptic properties. You can use a callus performance healing salve that does not leave a greasy appearance.

4 – Would you recommend any homemade recipe?

A: There are several homemade recipes, but I don't list any. The best way to treat calluses at home is by filing your hard callus skin professionally with the callus performance remover tool and by using callus performance healing salve to speed up the callus healing process.

5 – How to prevent cracks on the feet?

A: Cracks appear in calluses due to the lack of elasticity of the skin, caused by dryness. Dry weather, sandals such as flats, inadequate gait, overweight, hormonal problems, and even the amount of water we drink contribute to increasing dryness in the calluses. Daily deep hydration is the best solution for these cases. We must pay attention to the cause of this callus to avoid cracks, as these are open doors for fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Healing them is our biggest concern.


Calluses are a symbol of hard work that often occurs due to continuous friction or pressure on the skin. It is necessary to treat calluses instead of ignoring them to prevent yourself from infection. Follow the above-mentioned tips to heal your calluses. For more information regarding it, you can ping us freely.

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